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Carolina Nephrology Associates

The Challenge

Metrolina Nephrology Associates (MNA), a leading nephrology practice in the Greater Charlotte area, faced many challenges when they approached the New Charter team. Their goal was to help provide value-based healthcare to all their patients faced with kidney disease. Metrolina Nephrology recognized the benefits of Power BI and wanted to start utilizing it to help manage their patient’s renal health.

They needed to streamline their clinical and operational data to improve their patient care. Additionally, they needed to prepare for a value-based healthcare model, which would require them to have a deep understanding of their patient population’s health outcomes and the costs associated with their care

The Solution

NCT helped MNA by implementing Microsoft Power BI, for one easy-to-digest source of truth for managing patient care. This solution provided them with dashboards that integrated with their EMR (Electronic Medical Records System) for secure, safe, and comprehensive reporting on the metrics that matter. Having real-time data at the palm of their hands in one single pane of glass. The dashboards gave the MNA team a clear picture of their patient population’s renal health, their health outcomes, and the costs associated with their care. This allowed them to identify areas for improvement and optimize their care delivery.

NCT has also provided additional capabilities to capture data in a HIPAA compliant method that the EMR didn’t collect, through the use of Power Apps data was captured and used in conjunction with the EMR data.

The Result

This solution provided Providers and Nurses the ability to help track patient data with checks and balances to ensure that every patient is on the right track to help slow the progression of kidney disease. Giving them the necessary tool to pull the patient’s chart and track care and milestones and how they should proceed with their treatment plan.

The Offering

If you have a need for Power BI and dashboard design, we offer a design and solutions workshop where we meet and define what the solution would look like