Maximizing MSP Partner Growth


Our field engineers are certified domain experts with decades of industry and domain expertise under their belts. We provide completely local, on-premise solutions backed by always available, highly reliable remote solutions.

ADNET Technologies Case Study

Now our clients are seeing the power that we can really bring to the table with as much breadth and depth that New Charter has across the board.

CommTech Case Study

We can continue to grow this next level of leaders, from a director of operations, into a company president or regional manager or whatever that role or title might be

Olmec Case Study

One of the factors that makes the New Charter Equity Partnership model unique is that each investor owns a piece of the entire holding company’s members firms, not a percentage of just their own firm.

Stronghold Data Case Study

My CPA and attorney both told me this is one of the best opportunities they’ve ever seen in the M&A space. That spoke volumes because they are some of my most trusted advisors.

PennComp Outsourced IT Case Study

I’m very blessed to be involved with Mitch and the entire New Charter team! I’m so glad I did it; I haven’t regretted a single thing.

ActiveCo Technology Management Case Study

My #1 goal was staying active in the business I built. I was not looking to sell… I was looking for a PARTNER.

Apex Technology Management Case Study

I was really looking for something that would allow us to continue to build on what had made us great so far. And accelerate that.

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. Case Study

Legendary results start with entrepreneurs who believe MORE is possible.

The Tech Group, Inc. Case Study

Our interaction with the Oval Partners and New Charter has been AWESOME! We couldn’t be more blessed having all of this come together in one opportunity.