Why New Charter

Like many other successful entrepreneurs, Scott Young wasn’t looking to sell his company. He wanted to continue to build a strong business with a one-of-a-kind culture filled with employees focused upon helping clients (and each other). The environment was vital to him, “I want to have fun and enjoy what I am doing. I want to be known for building a great company, focused upon relationships, flexibility, and uniqueness. We do not want to become just another company that looks like everyone else,” he explained. Then New Charter came along, and soon PennComp became the first founding company.

For business owners that want to stay in the game after an acquisition, a heavy-handed “in your business” approach is a significant concern. However, that is not what Scott experienced with New Charter, “I was worried about a significant degree of pressure, control, and a push to uniformity; instead they just kept asking the same question, ‘How can we help you?’” He continued, “Our experience has been anything but a parental dictatorship. It’s not been at all what I thought it would be; it’s MUCH better. It’s collaborative and open. We are running our business, and they are here to offer support, leadership, guidance, and capital. New Charter has set the bar high by only partnering with successful companies performing in the top quartile of the industry. It has been one of my favorite seasons of running a business, despite the economic downturn and changes in every-day life due to COVID.”


Since 1988, PennComp has been a forward-thinking leader in IT services. Our team focuses upon working closely with small to medium-sized businesses to enable powerful IT networking, integration, and cloud computing. We have implemented EOS Traction, and have included many Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodologies and practices to deliver what we believe to be a superior client experience.

I’m very blessed to be involved with Mitch and the entire New Charter team! I’m so glad I did it; I haven’t regretted a single thing.

~ Scott Young, PennComp Outsourced IT

I think of New Charter as a MSP mutual fund. If a vertical line of business declines or a particular geographic area is struggling, we have diversified our risks as we are invested in other ‘funds’ through our New Charter family.
I LOVE that!

~ Scott Young,
PennComp Outsourced IT

What You See is What You Get

Many companies and PE Firms make bold claims that they cannot back up in the M & A space, but that hasn’t been the case with New Charter Technologies. Scott explained that he was apprehensive at first. He was concerned over the unknown. “I was always worried about the other shoe dropping. At times it seemed to be too good to be true,” said Scott. “(But) everything they told me was true. They were ethical, moral, and upfront. From the first conversation to the close to present day, New Charter’s leadership did everything they said they would.”

New Charter has invested time in hand-picking successful companies at the forefront of their industry, giving them all of the support and tools they need to reach the next level. “I am so happy about the quality of people with which we have aligned ourselves… I respect each of the other companies in New Charter immensely. They are a first-class group hands down. They are focused, intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful,” he said.

Taking It to the Next Level

From the first conversation with Mitch, Scott conveyed three long-term struggles that have been difficult for the PennComp team to solve. A part of the “deal” was to help them grow their inbound marketing/lead process/program, build a middle management layer and create an evolutionary training program to move PennComp’s technical team from engineers to vCIOs. Within days of the closing, New Charter CEO, Mitch Morgan flew to Houston to begin working through the obstacles and begin to build a multi-quarter calendar with specific objectives to help them reach their goals.

With New Charter, Scott has been able to take PennComp and his team to a whole new level. Mitch worked with the team to create a well thought out and planned vCIO program that met weekly for months. This program has been instrumental in growing PennComp’s engineers into next-generation top leaders. “Our engineers’ mindsets have evolved from, ‘I’m here to fix your server and install some software’ to… ‘Where are you going? What is your strategy? How are you going to get there, and how can technology help accelerate your growth/efficiencies?’ This shift gives engineers a more holistic view of their role and is helping them to step fully into that vCIO role.” This evolution has been welcomed by PennComp’s client base and is something today’s MSP clients need, especially as the evolution from on premise to cloud based accelerates. Scott explained, “The first year has been great as they made a significant investment in growing our team.”

“PennComp has been a part of HTG/Evolve since 2008. We would not be the company we are today without HTG/Evolve. The New Charter experience has been similar a peer group experience on steroids. The level of commitment and support for each other has exceeded my expectations. The ability to reach into ‘intra-company’ resources has significantly impacted how we have been able to support unique one-off client requirements or a problem we have not previously encountered. Our team has welcomed the depth of technical skills and willingness to help anyone/anytime. A team of ‘Go-givers surrounds us.’” In conclusion, Scott stated, “I can say without a shadow of a doubt, everyone at PennComp is glad to be a part of the greater New Charter team.“