DCG Technical Solutions Joins New Charter Technologies

Why New Charter

Brent Whitfield’s journey with M&A started about 3-4 years ago, where he admittedly had to kiss many frogs before finding the perfect fit with New Charter Technologies. He saw a lot of high integration approaches that left him with concerns. Brent explained, “PE Firms in our space have a reputation of screwing things up! They often force companies into an unfamiliar service delivery model, causing the owner to leave, then the employees leave, and ultimately the clients leave.” That was NOT what Brent was looking for… for himself, his team or, his clients.

Enter New Charter and their philosophy of low integration and founding company autonomy. Brent was intrigued, knowing that not only was this approach unique, but it could be very successful. “As far as I know, I don’t think it has been done before in our industry, and it CLEARLY is a better way to go,” he said.


Small businesses that require fast access to technical help, and believe in always-on IT infrastructure, count on DCG.

We exist to help clients choose and deploy reliable technologies that achieve worry-free, “always-on” cloud, and premise-based IT systems. Discover how our IT Consulting services can help protect your investment, solve business challenges, and stay focused on reinventing your business.

Legendary results start with entrepreneurs who believe MORE is possible.

~ Brent Whitfield, DGC Technical Solutions, LLC.

New Charter is the only way to arrive at double digit multiple of EBIDTA at that second bite of the apple. And now you are part of a National Best-In Class company, and that is where the real fun is!

~ Brent Whitfield,
DGC Technical Solutions, LLC.

Unparalleled Investment

Not only is New Charter Technologies’ ownership model unique, but they also offered an unprecedented opportunity to reinvest in the best-in-class, national, MSP-powerhouse they were building. Better yet? Brent’s investment dollars were equal to that of the PE firm. No tricky B shares or equity participation shares, just a straight-forward substantial investment opportunity. That is something Brent didn’t take lightly, “What’s significant about that is, it gives me a pathway to DOUBLE-DIGIT multiple on EBITDA… NOBODY is doing that!”

This wasn’t a ‘Roll-Up’ model, where the acquired company and their owner do the lions’ share of the work, but only receive a small portion of the gains. With New Charter Technologies, Brent wasn’t required to change tools or business practices. He continues to grow his business and care for his clients in Los Angeles while enjoying the advantages of being part of a National company.

The future looks very bright, and Brent is excited about the benefits he can reap from this unique ownership model, “If we have a decent return on our investment, we are looking at 10x… A great return could be over 13x.”

Becoming a National Company

The technology world is continuously changing and evolving, and successful businesses will change and grow with it, or be left behind. As a successful businessman and forward thinker, Brent became aware that DCG needed to move to the national market to stay relevant and competitive. He explained, “I think every MSP needs to look at becoming a National Player. To survive, not get left behind and remain competitive… it’s a critical move.”

Brent felt so strongly about the move that It became part of DCG’s Mission Statement and, they began strategizing about the best way to make that happen. New Charter has made the dream of being a National Player a reality for Brent and DCG, and they couldn’t be happier! “Running a successful regional MSP company has been fun but, being part of an international company with locations in every large city in North America…. is way WAY more fun!” said Brent, “We had some new hires recently, and it was great to say, ‘Hey, we’re a National Company now! If you want to work in Houston or Vancouver or Denver… you’ve got a shot at that! You’ll have an edge, and I will support you!”