Apex Technology Management Case Study

Why New Charter

Scott Putnam was a successful businessman receiving 3-4 calls a week from parties interested in acquiring APEX Technology Management. But, he wasn’t interested. Scott had enjoyed building his business and he wasn’t looking for an exit strategy. Enter Scott’s friend, Scott Young. Scott Young had recently joined New Charter and was excited to share their unique ownership model with his friend. Scott Putnam was intrigued! “Scott Young is someone I really like and respect, ” he explained, “he shared that I can continue to run and grow the business and I thought, ‘He’s a really smart guy! If he’s interested… This is something I should look into!’” And he did.

Scott really liked that New Charter never acquires companies that are “for sale”. Instead they are only looking for companies with established leadership that plans to remain and continue to run the business. This sounded like the perfect opportunity to have his cake and eat it too. Stay in the game and continue to enjoy accelerated upside potential while also taking some chips off the table.


Since 1991, Apex has been helping businesses and local governments achieve their goals more efficiently by providing the most innovative, secure, and reliable IT. With maximized productivity and resources, businesses can realize the highest return from their budget and deliver higher-quality products and services.

I was really looking for something that would allow us to continue to build on what had made us great so far. And accelerate that.

~ Scott Putnam, Apex Technology Management

I really see that the investment in New Charter is going to be the best investment that I could have. It was a wise decision and I am very, very happy with it! Your business is always growing but, New Charter is probably growing faster.

~ Scott Putnam,
Apex Technology Management

Take Some Chips Off the Table

In New Charter’s ownership model, Founding Owners can ‘Take Some Chips Off the Table’ to enjoy while still investing in their company, New Charter and… their future. While part of the proceeds from the owner’s sale are invested back in New Charter they also enjoy immediate financial gains.

And Scott has enjoyed doing just that, “For a long time I have thought it would be great to ‘Take Some Chips Off the Table’ and still stay in the game while enjoying the fruits of 20+ years of labor while I, and my family, are still young enough… I can give money to organizations that I believe in and actually see the impacts of those gifts over time rather than at the end of my life.”

Next Level Peer Group

Peer Groups offer many business owners a great sounding board. It is something that can offer business owners a safe place to discuss concerns and issues and receive feedback and helps to relieve some of the stress that comes with being a small business owner. “I’ve always had a group I could share things with and learn from. It’s been my sanity through a lot of this,” he explained. After being in 7 different peer groups over the course of 20 years, Scott says New Charter has built on the Peer Group concept and is the BEST yet! “I’ve never been in a group that had as high of a concentration of top-quality businesses, and top-quality people, who I would want to be partnered with as our current group. The camaraderie, their friendship and working with them has invigorated me and made it much more fun for me!”

Yes peer groups are there to listen and offer advice and ideas but at the end of your time together, you return to your company and are still alone with your business decisions, and the repercussions. THAT is where New Charter is truly different. “We are really invested in making one another successful. And, I think that is what has really taken this peer group concept to the next level. We are equally invested, entirely aligned and truly Partners,” he said.