ActiveCo Technology Management Joins New Charter Technologies

Why New Charter

As Sam Goh was continuing to grow this successful business, he realized that advancing his company up to the next echelon would be challenging without some assistance. But he was not looking to retire or leave his team or business behind. He was looking to grow and scale ActiveCo and sought the expertise necessary to help them do so. After hearing from a friend about New Charter, Sam decide to take a closer look to see if it might be a fit.

Upon further investigation, Sam learned that New Charter offered – among other things – seasoned experience and the leverage and cost-savings of an enterprise-level platform. Those assets would make them more competitive in the marketplace and increase their sales. That was just what Sam and ActiveCo were interested in!

Sam also recognized that the New Charter model grows the value of his reinvestment much faster and far further than if he were to continue on his own.

Sam Goh


ActiveCo is a company determined to be “The People You Can Trust” to work alongside you to reach your strategic business objectives. Every company uses technology. ActiveCo’s goal is to help customers find and utilize the technology and applications best suited for them.

Located in Port Coquitlam, BC, ActiveCo Technology Management has grown from a break-fix IT contractor to one of the world’s best technology service & consulting firms.

My #1 goal was staying active in the business I built. I was not looking to sell… I was looking for a PARTNER.

~ Sam Goh, ActiveCo Technology Management

Our people are better trained. In the last 5-7 months, I’ve seen them pick up their step. Not only is it invigorating for me… it’s invigorating for them. They are happier and more motivated because they know they are even better at their job and WE are better!

~ Sam Goh,
ActiveCo Technology Management

Adding Value

Many PE Firms acquire MSPs, employ the previous owner’s expertise for six months to a year, and then move on. Sam explains how New Charter is different. “They aren’t just buying businesses; they are adding value. Mitch has demonstrated this time and time again!” said Sam.

According to Sam, he and his team are receiving critical investments that will set their business apart from the competition in the future, helping them grow, build capabilities, and seasoned skillsets. And they love it!

That sharing of knowledge and seasoned leadership experience is something that Sam feels sets New Charter apart from other M&A deals. “I think that piece is completely missing from most other deals… With New Charter, this is a partnership”, he explained. “The training and seasoned expertise Mitch have shared with me and my team, in a relatively short period, has been a HUGE driver of business for us!”

Fantastic Support

As a career entrepreneur, Sam had become accustomed to running his business and making tough decisions on his own. Once he invested in New Charter, he realized a network of support that he found reassuring. “ The other Founding Partners are co-owners in the business, and we are committed to growing the business and assisting with any issue or helping by offer their team expertise and capabilities. …we are in the trenches together. And that is really great!” he said.

With New Charter’s ownership model, individual businesses are encouraged to continue to grow where it makes sense and are left to make your own decisions. But there is always help and support if you ever need it. From the CEO to the PE Firm, to his fellow Founding Owners, Sam explained that what he kept hearing was, ‘How can we help?’ and as help is needed, it is provided quickly!

“You don’t have to go into a queue or wait days, weeks, or months for help. New Charter and Oval Partners are RIGHT there whenever you need them.” But what about special needs that need to be escalated? No problem. “Leadership has dropped everything and gotten involved in helping provide assistance where needed. But I am still counted on and relied upon to make local operating decisions. This is why I partnered with New Charter and Oval – I get the best of both worlds,” Sam explained.