Why New Charter

The Tech Group was proud of the business they had built and the clients we have served in the Vermont market for 28 years but had done some research and knew that they needed help to take things to the next level. Tech Group Owner Steve Loyer explains, “We wanted to take our company and our clients to the next level; To bring better services, technologies, and skillsets to our clients and we wanted to go more upstream. To expand our customer-base through value, experience, and bringing world-class level services to our clients. “

That is when the Tech Group met Mitch Morgan (from New Charter) and (Dan Ruhl from Oval Partners). He learned about the opportunities that existed with New Charter Technologies. New Charter offers founding company owners an unmatched opportunity to invest in New Charter Technologies and the option to reinvest in their company, employees, and community. “We were able to not only reinvest in my Vermont-based company but also to expand our potential and add value for our clients by partnering with contacts all over North America. This will make us better, stronger, give us better buying power and bring better resources to all of our customers,” said Steve.” Once I understood the program, I knew this was the right thing to do.”


The Tech Group, located in South Burlington, Vermont, operates as a managed service provider specializing in network security. The Company’s managed services include monitoring a client’s network, providing network inventory documentation, and providing remote and/or on-site technical support. TTG also offers a full network assessment, project, and support services.

“Our interaction with the Oval Partners and
New Charter has been AWESOME! We couldn’t be more blessed having all of this come together in one opportunity.”

~ Steve Loyer, Tech Group LLC

We’re going to continue to be relevant and even more secure.
The Tech Group is going to continue to be here for our clients. And now, stronger than ever. It’s a great story and an easy one to tell with enthusiasm!

~ Steve Loyer,
Tech Group LLC

Still The Guy

When considering a merger or acquisition, business owners have to ask themselves, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to walk out the door and no longer be ‘the Guy’? The guy who runs the show, whom your employees and clients depend on. Once an owner can answer ‘Yes’ to that question, then and only then are they ready to close the deal. Or at least that is what Steve Loyer thought. “I had thought, once the deal was done, I would not be ‘The Guy.’ After 28 years, this would no longer be my baby. That is hard.”

With New Charter, that is not the case. New Charter only works with thriving businesses and owners who are interested in continuing to grow their business. With New Charter, you remain in place. Founding owners continue to run and grow their business, care for your employees and clients. It is just what Steve was looking for. “I am still ‘The Guy’! I embrace it! I’m excited to stretch my wings and continue to grow with the help of Mitch and New Charter. It’s really exciting to see what the future holds and everything that we can achieve together.”

And what do Steve’s clients think? “They are happy to hear that nothing has changed. That we are all still here and that they will be calling the same people and dealing with the same team,” he said.

The Future Looks Bright

Being part of New Charter and their family of companies offers the Tech Group the chance to share knowledge and resources, helping them grow both as a business and as individuals. Steve elaborated, “I’m experiencing phenomenal personal growth as is my team. It’s making our business stronger. We see this as a huge opportunity to grow as individuals and as a company exponentially. We believe the future looks very bright!”

By partnering with New Charter’s top echelon of MSPs, Tech Group has the confidence and the expertise to continue to be successful, even in these uncertain times.  “Our experience has been nothing but stellar, both our interaction with management as well as the other MSP owners!  The camaraderie that I am experiencing with the other founders and Mitch… You feel like you are part of a family and part of a well-oiled machine. Even at this early stage, I can see all of the pieces coming together, and it is exhilarating,” said Steve.