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The role will focus on leveraging best practices, tools, and processes across the platform of companies to create efficiencies and growth opportunities

(Denver, CO) November 17, 2022 – New Charter Technologies (New Charter) announced that Christopher Luise will serve as its first Group President. Luise will focus on harnessing success across the New Charter Technologies platform of Operating Companies. In his role as Group President, Luise aims to create a collaborative environment that encourages team members to learn from each other and apply best-in-class approaches to their local markets.

Luise co-founded managed service provider (MSP) ADNET Technologies (ADNET) in 1991 and will continue to serve as its Chief Executive Officer while serving New Charter Technologies as Group President. Under Luise, ADNET Technologies has been continually recognized for its culture of collaboration and connection.

The New Charter Technologies Equity Partnership model is founded on the belief that the Managed IT industry is a “people business” that should not be consolidated. New Charter believes its Operating Companies require a “local touch” to build upon successes and reach new growth and service delivery levels. As Group President, Luise will help define benchmarks for excellence across the business and create mutual growth opportunities for the partner organizations.

“Defining ‘what good looks like’ changes from day-to-day and topic-to-topic. In our industry, things are changing and evolving so fast that there is a real requirement for a deep level of collaboration across our organizations. We can all learn from each other,” said Luise.

Formalizing a strategy and framework to facilitate the sharing of best-practices and knowledge will create opportunities for both employees and companies to grow.

“We have a wealth of talent and approaches across the platform,” said Luise. “There’s depth at every level and an entire network of best-in-class experts. The question now is how we leverage this network and teamwork to support each other. We need to transform ourselves and show that technologies can be a force multiplier for us. Everyone has something to contribute, which is extremely impactful when you have the power of almost a thousand people nationwide. Many people will have opportunities that transcend what they thought they were going to be doing in their role – if they want to do something bigger, as a part of New Charter Technologies, they can.”

Many MSPs don’t have the people, the time, or the financial resources to leverage enterprise-level technologies prior to joining New Charter. If technology continues to change at a similar pace as years prior, there will be even more opportunities for New Charter Technologies Operating Companies to leverage new techniques, processes, and tools in the future.

“How can we take business problems and leverage technology to solve those challenges? Leveraging the best ideas and tools from each operating company and sharing them across the platform helps all of us grow and learn from each other at hyper speed. We’re striving for peak-performance, efficiency, and efficacy at every Operating Company,” Luise explained. “We want everyone to have the resources to achieve their goals and be at their absolute best.”

Mitch Morgan, CEO of New Charter described why Luise is a great fit for the Group President role, “We are so fortunate to have someone with the skills and experience that Chris brings to this role. He comes from one of our leading operating companies (ADNET Technologies) which gives him a unique perspective in our ‘peers helping peers’ model at New Charter.”


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