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Legal service providers have an ethical responsibility to ensure the integrity of your client’s data. This is why it’s critical to have secure and accessible data backup for your client, case, and firm data. It’s your responsibility to ensure data confidentiality, i.e., any electronic data pertaining to your client is not lost, destroyed, or disclosed accidentally. Unforeseen events, like server failures or natural disasters too, can impact your firm’s daily routine and a secure data backup and recovery guarantees the seamless function of your business continuity processes. Electronically recorded data also comes under strict state legislation, such as, the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) legislation, 2002, that pertains to the storage of data in financial, government, and healthcare organizations. If your clients are subject to such regulations, legal hold, and e-discovery requirements – it would be necessary for your firm to adhere to these as well.

The challenge for legal firms is to balance out the ever-increasing volume of data with the requisite security and compliance without overpowering the resources of slender in-house teams. Needless to say, the characteristically high-pressure work environment that’s always battling with time also spikes the potential of human error and documents getting lost or misplaced. Unfortunately, the confidential nature of the data they handle prevents many firms from seeking the data management and backup expertise they sorely need. IT services for law firms can literally save your bacon with their up to the mark data backup solutions.

Why data backup for law firms matter?

Data is literally the backbone of any law firm these days. Legal firms depend on the availability of reliable data for all of their processes including email, casework, billing, time and expense tracking, and more. A disruption in any of these streams of data can set back operations by crucial hours or, days – something that can spell the difference between winning and losing a case or a client. A single hour of downtime can result in losses of tens of thousands of dollars, accounting for a range of factors like operational glitches, technical issues, and work stoppages. Permanent loss of data can sometimes result in irretrievable reputation and financial losses and more.

Needless to say securing your data backup is not only important, it may be the only way to ensure business continuity in case of breaches or ransomware attacks. But many legal firms balk at the technical roundabout involved in deploying or upgrading their current technology stack. However, with a reliable Law firm-managed IT services provider, you can secure your firm against unforeseen, but hardly unavoidable failures and breaches.

Critical questions you need to ask in legal data recovery

If you are evaluating the implementation of a data backup system, you need to consider all possible real-life scenarios where you will need the service and be assured of response times in each case. Here are some questions you need to ask your IT support for law firms provider:

How quickly can you recover lost data?

Let’s look at the potential scenarios wherein you may need data recovery:

  • Someone accidentally deleted an important folder, and you need to restore it
  • Your firm is besieged by a ransomware attack that has taken down all your computers and servers
  • A data breach has impacted your mission-critical applications and you need an ETA to resume operations

These are the questions your Law firm IT services provider must be able to provide exact answers for. After all, there is no point backing up data on the hour if the backup isn’t accessible when asked for. The speed of data recovery is largely dependent on technical factors, such as, the exact context of the data loss (what caused it, how much data has been lost, extent of the damage and more) and recovery options made possible by your backup system.

How can data be recovered?

Data loss is characterized by both type and volume, i.e., file and folder level data loss can be addressed much quicker than losses that need full backup restore. Here are a few ways of making data recovery seamless and effective:

Built-in ransomware detection

In this process of IT services for lawyers, each backup is automatically scanned for ransomware. This is done so administrators can be quickly notified in case of infection and quarantine happens rapidly.

Compulsory Cloud backups

Perhaps due to confidentiality issues, many legal firms continue to depend on on-premise storage. This leaves them vulnerable to natural disasters and theft. To ensure security, legal firms must also store backups in a secure cloud that remains accessible if on-premise storage is compromised. Hybrid cloud backups in Managed IT services for lawyers also offer a great alternative wherein onsite backup is simultaneously mirrored in the cloud.

Use virtualization

Leading backup and disaster recovery solutions in IT support for lawyers today make use of image-based backup that can be booted as a virtual machine. These essentially capture a snapshot of your infrastructure enabling seamless business continuity for mission-critical applications.

Secure your SaaS data

Most legal firms today make extensive use of cloud services like G Suite or Office 365 for email, file sharing, and many other critical routine functions. All of this data also need to be securely backed up. Unfortunately, this data remains highly vulnerable at the end-user level, including situations like accidental or malicious deletion, security breaches, and account deletions, or even improper data migrations. Service providers have very few backup solutions to offer in such cases and thus, it’s critical for legal firms to deploy a Managed IT services for law firms SaaS backup solution that can secure your firm’s data to a secondary cloud or, storage.

New Charter provides you the data protection your legal firm deserves

Even with backup procedures in place, you need to periodically check them for proper functioning. All technologies are prone to occasional hiccups and even failure, so you need to ensure that your data is saved securely and remains highly accessible for quick restoration. Ideally, you should test your backup systems monthly to ensure its reliability.

Deploying and maintaining a data recovery system may seem like a hassle, but with the right IT services for legal provider in place, you will be guaranteed 100% peace of mind with your entire confidential data backup. Legal practices need specialized IT support and management. New Charter Technologies is the most premier destination for legal backup and disaster recovery solutions in the US. We can ensure 100% guaranteed data backup and seamless business continuity for your legal firm.

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