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Carolina Beverage Group

The Challenge

A large manufacturer identifies that their current ERP warehouse functions are cumbersome and require too many clicks.

The built-in Warehouse App was not user-friendly and required more staff to use due to the high volume of transactions and the time it takes to process each action in the system.

In addition, the application was not mobile-friendly and the use of computers throughout the warehouse was costly from both a support and a hardware perspective.

The Solution

After evaluating several costly platforms, the consensus was to create an ad-hoc mobile and web app that will support some of their unique workflows and business processes while still maintaining the data in their ERP system.

NCT built a Web application that leveraged the APIs of the ERP system and combined some of the activities to provide batch processing for some of the activities that have historically required individual movements of products in the system.

The web app was developed using Microsoft .Net and deployed on a robust Microsoft SQL Server in Azure. Then it was deployed to mobile tablets for the staff and forklifts, allowing users to have any time and any where access to the information without returning to their station.

The Result

With over 5000 transactions a day using the old system, the new warehouse tool was able to cut that by half resulting in a reduction of time consumed by users and improved the overall user experience.

The custom platform also allowed the organization to add more functionalities that were historically driven by paper-based processes such as truck check out where signatures were required and with the new web application a tablet is being used to capture the signature digitally and eliminating all paper trails and the need for scanning those documents post signing.

The Offering

If you have a need for a custom-developed solution, we offer a design and solutions workshop where we meet and define what the custom-development solution would look like.