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Employee Spotlight

Casey Rapp

HCM Analyst

November 5, 2023Employee Spotlight

Our success starts with hiring, retaining, and growing the best team in the industry.
We believe the most effective way to march forward is to do it together. Our team is built on a set of shared core values and through trust, transparency, sharing, and execution, we all grow. By investing in people and relationships, we are creating a caliber of business the industry hasn’t yet seen.

Keep reading to get to know the New Charter Technologies team and what this organization means to us!

How long have you been employed at New Charter Technologies?

A year and three months

Why did you join New Charter Technologies?

During my interview process, I sensed a common characteristic and theme – which is everyone’s drive to build strong working relationships to contribute to the company’s success.

What is the most interesting or favorite part of your job?

It is wonderful to work with such amazing people across the organization on new and exciting projects.

What are some cool projects you’ve seen our operating companies do with the New Charter Technologies’ partnership? Or what is the best project you’ve been a part of since you started at New Charter?

Some of my favorite projects I have been involved in are related to the implementation of new Operating Companies joining the New Charter team.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The ability to help employees within the organization by creating/processing requests and enhancements in UKG. It is a rewarding feeling when projects/requests are complete because it contributes to others’ ability to excel/support in their daily functions.

When you think of New Charter Technologies culture, what 3 words come to mind?

Collaborative, Supportive, and Engaging

What are your hobbies outside of New Charter Technologies?

Golfing, live music, one-wheeling, and trying new restaurants.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

I started whitewater rafting at the age of 5.