2024 New Charter Technologies Kick-Off | Making the Leap

The 2024 New Charter Technologies Kick-Off event, “Making the Leap,” brought together 20+ New Charter Technologies company teams, along with vendor partners and esteemed guests, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN. The gathering served as an opportunity to showcase everyone’s collective commitment to shaping the future of New Charter.

The event fostered a spirit of collaboration and alignment, with a focus on delivering innovative solutions for clients. Attendees left the event empowered by the energy and insights gained from “Making the Leap,” ready to drive New Charter towards even greater success.

“Let’s celebrate what we’re doing right and keep our eyes on the future. Embracing change is our ticket to success. We’ve got everything we need to stand out, now let’s use it wisely. Together, let’s take those leaps, one small step at a time.”

-Peter Melby, CEO, New Charter Technologies