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Today, more companies than ever before rely on digital business operations systems, communications platforms, and project management tools. And if one of these systems or tools fails, the entire company can grind to a halt, causing even more issues for everyone involved.

That’s why many organizations small and large are turning to Microsoft IT solutions. Microsoft solutions can help prevent excessive downtime, cyberattacks, and other catastrophic occurrences.

And with these solutions comes the option of managed providers and consultants such as New Charter Technologies, who can help to optimize your company’s IT solutions.

Is your business caught in an avalanche of IT tickets? Not to worry! Get A to Z Microsoft IT solutions with New Charter Technologies — an Official Microsoft Gold Partner. Read on for more information on Microsoft IT solutions, managed IT services, and what they could mean for your company.

How We Would Help Your Business
With MS IT

Microsoft IT solutions with New Charter Technologies are essential to crafting a business that works. But it all begins with the client and how our services can support your company and infrastructure.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with certifications in over 13 of Microsoft’s core competencies, your business is in safe hands with New Charter. Let’s explore some examples of the best Microsoft solutions available and how managed IT services can enhance your technology solutions and provide better business outcomes for your organization.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for Business is one of the best tools available today. And while there is also a version of Microsoft 365 for personal use, many businesses would be lost without the applications and services that are included with the enterprise-level features.

The suite of business applications includes Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word, among other useful programs. Many people are already familiar and comfortable using these applications, so where does a managed service provider come in?

How Can a New Charter Technologies MSP Assist With Microsoft 365?

With a Microsoft licensing consultant and/or managed service provider, it’s not just about using Word and PowerPoint.

Your company also gets access to the latest features and upgrades, without having to train your own in-house IT team on the complexities of Microsoft 365.

From consulting and IT support to managing third-party add-ons and security checks, New Charter Technologies MSPs can help bring your company’s use of Microsoft 365 from basic to brilliant.

Benefits Of Microsoft Licensing Through New Charter Technologies

Let’s touch on a few of the benefits that come with Microsoft 365 licensing through New Charter Technologies, in our capacity as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Your company will be able to budget and plan more strategically when in a partnership with an MSP. Instead of training employees to handle security, updates, and profile management within Microsoft 365’s wide array of applications, you can rely on the years of experience that our consultants bring to the table and focus your finances and energy on growing your business.

Additionally, New Charter Technologies licensing assurance provides a better grasp of organization-wide policies that will help keep your data configurations safe, up-to-date, and working as smoothly as possible, through access to Microsoft 365 accelerators. These include:

Email Archiving

Smart archival of email information that is no longer necessary or requires special consideration to safely disarm and remove confidential information is part of New Charter Technologies and Microsoft 365 accelerator use.

Managed Anti-Spam

With the Microsoft 365 accelerator Defender Portal, your exchanges will be better protected from spam and possible phishing probes that can waste valuable company time, or even prove a threat to security.

Does Your Business Need A Microsoft 365 Consultant?

If being able to stay on top of your company’s Microsoft application updates, feature training, security protocols, and more sounds like a handful for your current setup, then bringing a Microsoft 365 consultant on board might be best for you.

Ask one of our customer service representatives for more package information today, and keep on reading for more information on other Microsoft  IT solutions that can supercharge your business.

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Online and business infrastructure security is one of the critical  assets of any good business, and maintaining security requires constant updates, patching, and monitoring behind the scenes.

But what if your workload could be offset by intelligent mobility management and security software?
Not only does this take the onus off of your IT teams and yourself as a leader, but it can also save quite a lot of money on training new in-house cybersecurity staff or providing protective software on your own.

That’s where Enterprise Mobility + Security services come in.

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a relatively new platform within Microsoft’s product line, but it essentially bundles together a range of previous secure Microsoft solutions, including the following:

Azure Active Directory Premium

As a single, company-wide sign-in service, this software was directed towards providing data access to all employees while still using principles of conditional entry and biometric authentication to remain secure.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analysis

As the name suggests, this software was able to sniff out vulnerabilities and deliver security monitoring reports in real-time, including known risk alerts and analyzing the safeguard programs put in place.

Azure Rights Management

Also known for securing data at the document level, this software checked the access credentials of every user who viewed protected information to ensure privilege protocols were being followed.

Microsoft Intune

Structured as an offshoot of Azure Active Directory Premium, this software allowed employees to access company files via their personal devices, without compromising the security of internal infrastructures, including various types of smartphone and tablet secure app support.

But when it comes to EMS today, the program takes all such previous software and not only incorporates their top uses and security protocols, but also improves upon them.

And with the support of a New Charter Technologies MSP, you can take your EMS bundle of Microsoft solutions for enhanced security to the next level, by having a team of experts manage these systems!


Microsoft Azure is part of the entire Microsoft solutions platform and provides cloud services that actually encompass the top four types of computing for cloud — Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, and serverless.

This means that your company can choose between the types of servers (or lack thereof) that would work best for business, and then use Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go service to avoid excessive charges for benefits that are not used by your company. It’s as simple as that!

So, how can New Charter Technologies help when it comes to the range of Microsoft Azure solutions? In short, we can step in as your cloud solution provider (CSP) in partnership with Microsoft Azure and its cloud-computing platform.

This includes...
  • Managing your servers in coordination with Microsoft updates
  • Shepherding data transfer between on-site servers and a variety of cloud setups
  • Providing better endpoint security for all cloud endeavors.

But to understand more of what New Charter Technologies MSPs can offer as a Microsoft cloud solution provider, let’s get to know Azure as a product a little better and the benefits offered that we can only amplify.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform that allows users to choose from a range of Microsoft-managed cloud services, including storage, networking, and access to monitoring analytics that ensure your data security is optimal at all times.

And speaking of security, Azure is one of the most protected and comprehensively monitored  in the Microsoft business solutions litany, ensuring end-to-end security, backup protection, and data encryption.

Microsoft Azure solutions let companies access cloud storage without the need to maintain or host it themselves. Once subscribed, your business has access to the entire Azure portal, including databases, domain protection protocols, and VMs.

How Microsoft Azure Works

Azure MS solutions are an amalgamation of several different cloud services, all working together to ensure the best cloud-based computing system, it’s far more than just a place to store your data.

Some of the key components of Microsoft Azure solutions for your cloud-based needs include the analytic services DevOps software, mobile support, storage solutions, and management and recovery protocols, performing tasks in tandem to make Azure work.

Key Benefits Of Microsoft Azure

Azure undoubtedly has many benefits for users and companies alike. Let’s explore some of the primary advantages for anyone employing Azure as a cloud solution provider now!

Advanced Compliance Features

MS solutions are all designed with user accessibility as a primary consideration, so incorporating advanced compliance into Azure and every update that applies to the software is important.

From specific compliance protocols to protect certain industries to configuration management, Azure safeguards the most critical information entrusted to its cloud platforms and maintains the security guidelines laid out by various regulatory bodies like FFIEC, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SEC Regulation SCI, and many more.

Cost-Effective Subscription Models

With pay-as-you-go flexibility, Azure gives your company access to premium cloud services for a base fee. And your business is not stuck there, either, as you can always add more services or benefits on to your plan.

This makes Azure a great option for large corporations and small businesses alike, as the subscription models are not only cost-effective but also easily altered depending on the growth of your company.

Enterprise-Level Development Tools

One of the best cloud software options that actively supports the development and deployment of a company’s web tools and applications, Azure offers fantastic assistants to any developers using this service.

Code writers and programmers alike don’t have to worry about bringing their own tools to the job site— Azure provides language support for many popular options like JavaScript, Node.js, and Python, as well as flexible uploads, automatic updates, and API optimization.

High Availability

Microsoft enjoys a very high use rate around the world, meaning that many companies already have software and products that are immediately compatible with Azure cloud services.

And because of this, virtually every company has access to the proper support and Microsoft services, no matter the country of residence.

And because Microsoft is a global entity, you can rest assured that tech support will always be at the ready, should something go wrong with your databases or security, meaning less downtime and fewer issues!

No On-Site Hardware Required

For any companies that worry about where to set up on-site servers and how to train special IT support staff, those concerns will be a thing of the past.

Without the costs and operations involved in maintaining on-site equipment and security measures to protect your servers, your company reduces hardware needs, the need for onsite IT staff, and overhead costs.

On-Demand Scalability

It’s always important to be in full control of your storage needs, particularly when it comes to the amount of cloud space your business is using.

For this reason, Azure’s excellent scalability is second-to-none.

No matter your needs, you can customize Microsoft Azure’s cloud solutions to match the size of your project or stored data. And if that changes over time, simply scale your storage up or down.

World-Class Cybersecurity

Microsoft security solutions have long been the hallmark of their platforms, and the cybersecurity that accompanies Azure’s cloud services is no exception.

Data centers hosted by Microsoft are among the most secure in the world, with biometrics, proxy access requirements, and multi-level authentication for access. And that’s just on the server level!

Additionally, Azure provides enhanced security protocols for users and businesses that include malware detection, end-to-end protections, vulnerability testing, DDos prevention techniques, and much more.


One of the best software options for a busy company is Microsoft SharePoint.

This platform is a web-based collaboration tool, specifically designed to integrate flawlessly with the Microsoft Office Suite, and integral for connecting your business’s ideas.

And, like other Microsoft IT solutions, it’s one more service that using New Charter Technologies management can tailor to your corporate needs. Let’s take a closer look at SharePoint and how it is used.

What Is Microsoft SharePoint?

Simply put, SharePoint is a place to create and share projects from various other Microsoft 365 software and programs. You can also store your creations immediately within the cloud-based SharePoint Server, back up new information with OneDrive syncing technology, and more!

What Is SharePoint Online?

As a dedicated cloud portal for all SharePoint web creations, the Online server provides the space for easier collaboration between workers and departments, as well as better information sharing via the internet.

What Are The Benefits Of Using SharePoint?

With connectivity and collaboration support, SharePoint can definitely help boost a company’s productivity, not just at an employee and creative level, but also for system administrators via easy sharing tools.

Content management is also made easier with SharePoint, as individuals can have access to the publishing tools and even professional templates for creators to make things runsmoothly!

Plus, with SharePoint, you can access a variety of other administrative tools to help get through a project easily— including task management, project outliners, to-do lists, and more.

What Is SharePoint Used For?

There are ways to utilize this platform, but businessesprimarily rely on SharePoint to put privilege and security standards in place for document creation and sharing, information access..

For example, by using the security functions of SharePoint, a company can ensure approvals are provided before sensitive documents are shared or viewed, and set up notifications for need-to-know individuals if any changes are made to a document without permissions.

What Is A SharePoint App?

Companies can increase the connectivity of SharePoint even more with a variety of applications both serviced as part of the platform itself and some third-party plug-in extensions.

These integrations are worked into the primary web space of a project and add a variety of other benefits to your workspace, including library apps for categorized data access, calendars, and even ways to search external resources for the exact information you need.


For many companies, Microsoft Teams is an invaluable way to connect employees departments and project teams. This is particularly useful in the age of remote and hybrid work places, where many are signing into a company’s databases from remote locations.

How Can New Charter Technologies Help With
Microsoft Teams Managed Services?

Businesses can rely on New Charter Technologies as a Microsoft 365 business consultant, particularly when it comes to Teams and the connectivity it provides.

Let us handle the migration of your Microsoft Teams service, including governance, maintenance, and management of the entire Teams communication system within your company. Microsoft Teams is all about supporting your business and its connectivity, and so are New Charter Technologies MSPs.

Benefits Of Microsoft Teams Managed

Not only does relying on a managed service provider for your company’s Microsoft Teams account mean that behind-the-scenes updates, security, user login recovery, and other matters are handled swiftly and effectively, but you also benefit from coordination across many web platforms that can accommodate growth of any level.

The dedicated experts, intelligent operations, and real-time analytic reports featured in Teams managed services all work to better your company’s outreach and internal functions, ready to take the business to the next level.

Cultivate A Connected Workforce Through
Microsoft Teams

No matter their geographic locations, your corporate workforce can be easily and quickly connected with one of the best MS solutions for communications. By using Microsoft Teams, companies suddenly have access to a wider range of features than simple video calls, including the following aspects.


There are several options for how to start a call with Microsoft Teams. This includes Voice over IP, instant messaging, or video conferencing, with further support for public switched telephone network access(or PSTN), allowing extended phone number calling access for users and clients alike.


One of the best features of Teams is the constant chat history, meaning that you can always go back and look at the conversations that have taken place in a particular channel. For a more comprehensive experience, both group chat and individual recipient formats are easily available, depending on the situation.


As with many other Microsoft solutions, there are several tools for further collaboration available directly through Teams, including file sharing, hosting privileges, co-authorship, and many other ways to work together with other employees.


Additionally, meetings are made easier than ever with Teams, and more secure thanks to password access and invite-only formats. Plus, with the variety of setups within the meeting itself, you can transform your home office into a boardroom or vice versa!

Power BI

An excellent option for companies that want to edit and visualize data in a whole new way, Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence or BI is a top-tier software service for the creation, analysis, and sharing of information.

In short, Microsoft Power BI allows collaborative processes that produce a whole new way to view and analyze data, including tables, diagrams, and fully interactive products for the entire company.

With data powering the entire software, the accessibility of self-service analytics and smart tools makes it easier than ever to use Microsoft Power BI as an influential tool for a wide variety of purposes, including client presentations, research projects, and employee education.


Email is something that every company and employee relies on, no matter what. And when you connect to Microsoft Exchange Online, your business email solution is provided flawlessly!

Go Beyond Business Email With New Charter Technologies

Why risk your company’s email connectivity and possible communication confusion? It’s best to stick with Microsoft email solutions that work.

That’s where New Charter Technologies comes in— with dedicated support, certified technical resources, and exclusive opportunities, your Microsoft email will never be safer and run smoother than when it works in partnership with our consultants!

It’s an easy and affordable way to take your basic email and transform it into something far beyond the average communications software.

Why Is Having A Professional Hosted Email
Service Important For Business?

But why bother with having an email service that is professionally hosted, you may ask?

There are several reasons why companies opt for this, including accessibility, brand identity, and performance.

As a business grows, free email hosting may not be sufficient for your company needs, with the risk of leaving clients “on read” or losing customer and vendor communications altogether.

Don’t let this drag your company down— maintaining fast access to all business mail and connections is a critical aspect of professional hosting platforms.

As your brand expands and more traffic becomes anticipated, it’s also important to retain open lines of communication.

And this heightened performance is only furthered by proactive spam and virus blocking, thanks to the systems of a professional email hosting service.

Microsoft Office 365 Vs. Exchange Online:
How To Choose

The top contenders for your business’s email are Microsoft Office 365 versus Exchange Online. And with many features and benefits that come with each option, how do you choose between the two?

Here are some key considerations when figuring if Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Online would be better for your company. The choice primarily rests between using Exchange Online as a standalone service, or Exchange as part of the wider 365 suite.

Business Size

Because a key difference between Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online is the number of features included, determining your business size is a critical step in the selection process.

If your business size is not going to require access to the other services that come with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, such as PowerApps, Office Online Apps, and Skype for Business, then opting for an Exchange Online account will likely be sufficient.

Business Type

Furthermore, if the type of business you run doesn’t need a variety of other messaging and video conferencing software options, data analysis programs, and more, the email-centric server of Exchange Online standalone is a good choice.

However, if your business does deal in such areas, or intends to expand into them, migrating to a Microsoft 365 email structure might be wise to take advantage of the connected services within the package.


Generally, if you are looking for email communication support and that alone, Exchange Online is a great option. But for any wider collaborative processes, easy-share projects, or the opportunity to expand outside of strict email constraints, you might find Exchange Online a bit restrictive.


With the expanded features and advanced compliance protocols that come with Exchange for Microsoft 365, the price is understandably higher for business email subscriptions.

Standalone Exchange Online access is a cheaper option, but does come with contingent restrictions to the breadth of its application.

Dynamics 365 For Finance And Operations

A final service under the Microsoft solutions umbrella, Dynamics 365 handles your company’s financial and operational processes through business intelligence applications and a variety of needs-based solutions that help companies all over the world.

Number of Retain Customers With Microsoft Dynamics
365 Managed Services

And although Dynamics 365 utilizes highly intelligent software and applications to help you manage your business’s financial and operational data, who manages the software?

That’s where New Charter Technologies managed services for Microsoft Dynamics can step in and help elevate this already impressive platform’s abilities.

Sourcing, impressing, and keeping customers doesn’t have to be difficult, particularly when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 in tandem with managed services. You can enhance nearly every level of your business and optimize corporate workings from the ground up!

Optimize Your Financial Operations

Strong financial processes are the backbone of any company and ensuring proper protocols, evaluations, and servicing is the key to keep everything running smoothly.

With managed Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can expect solutions that are tailored to optimize your business, your sales, and your finances and revenue.

From accelerated business growth to sleek supply chain management, Dynamics 365 has it all— and management by New Charter Technologies covers the rest!

How Your Business Wins With Microsoft
Dynamics 365 For Sales

The financial operations of your company excel when using Dynamics 365 for the sales sector. By using Dynamics tools, customer relationships, actionable information, and deal closures are all enhanced.

Lead Generation

And, because the customer is key in all business types, streamlined selling and proactive lead generation are made possible by access to sales priority information, thanks to the tools provided with Microsoft solutions.

Improve Company’s Win Ratios

Furthermore, by simply heightening the balance of win-loss in sales by meeting the customer at their level and engaging the right people, your company’s overall win ratios can really benefit from using Dynamics 365!

Faster Sales Cycle

By using Dynamics operational analysis to know exactly what clients want, employees can shorten the sales cycle and maximize the company’s productivity.

Industry-SpecificIT Solutions From Microsoft

One last thing to keep in mind when evaluating Microsoft solutions for your business is the particular industry that your company’s services fall under. Microsoft is a people-first corporation, and as such, has come up with tailored services for key sectors and the businesses that operate there, including the following examples.

Microsoft Solutions For Healthcare

As one of the most important industries on the planet, healthcare runs on Microsoft. From special software extensions that support healthcare workers and medical challenges to enhanced security for critical patient information, Microsoft products support healthcare.

Microsoft Solutions For Manufacturing

For manufacturing corporations around the world, Microsoft is one of the go-to tools to complete the job. Including maintaining safe and productive factories to workforce innovations and analytics expertise, the wide range of Microsoft products for manufacturing is ready to support this sector.

Microsoft Solutions For NGOs

Service and humanitarian efforts are crucial to making the world a better place for all of us who live here, and Microsoft offers special nonprofit sector solutions for these organizations. This entails tech support for the greatest social impact and investment, programs for the disenfranchised, and a multitude of other nonprofit assistance services.

Accelerate Your Business Growth With MS IT Solutions:
In Summary

As we have seen, not only can virtually every company benefit from employing a version of Microsoft solutions — from cloud services to email provision— but the addition of a supplementary management service just enhances these abilities.

Microsoft IT solutions are easy to leverage at your company and will have a positive  effect nearly immediately, particularly when paired with a Microsoft Gold Partner to support them, such as a New Charter Technologies MSPs CT. Chat with a customer service agent for more information today!