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Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo Law Firm

The Challenge

A local law firm hoped to bring more functionality to the base SharePoint implementation, and they needed to begin using the platform for deeper integration and communication around client workflows. Another strong need for the firm was the delivery of relevant reporting capabilities for the leadership team and attorneys in order to have an immediately accessible centralized data system to run their business. Finally, the firm wanted to integrate the SharePoint solution with other line-of-business applications, including their Microsoft Teams unified communications solution.

The Solution

After evaluating several costly platforms, the consensus was to create an ad-hoc mobile and web app that will support some of their unique workflows and business processes while still maintaining the data in their ERP system.

NCT built a Web application that leveraged the APIs of the ERP system and combined some of the activities to provide batch processing for some of the activities that have historically required individual movements of products in the system.

The web app was developed using Microsoft .Net and deployed on a robust Microsoft SQL Server in Azure. Then it was deployed to mobile tablets for the staff and forklifts, allowing users to have any time and any where access to the information without returning to their station.

The Result

NCT’s engagement helped the firm boost user access, encourage end-user buy-in, and streamline its data navigation systems as a whole. Hedrick Gardner was able to gain new efficiencies for their attorneys and increase visibility of the data that was once locked into line of business applications.

“New Charter Technologies has a unique offering. They offer diversified services that cover all the critical areas that our team needed assistance with in order to achieve some of our objectives. Business intelligence, infrastructure, and web design to name a few items that we leveraged the group’s skill set to help us,” said Jeremy DeHart, IT Director.

The Offering

If you have a need for a starter SharePoint or customization of your existing tenant, we offer design and solution workshops where we meet and define the main core foundation of your SharePoint and discuss your customization needs.