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You most likely have strategic business goals around improving efficiency, growing overall revenue, reducing costs, increasing profits, or expanding your current offerings. Or maybe you’re losing sleep over cybersecurity risks, the economy, rising costs, or changes in your industry. In today’s increasingly technology-enabled world, have you ever thought about how technology can help you to both meet your goals and address your challenges?

This is where we come in.

We’re proud of the distinct conversations and relationships that define New Charter companies and our client engagements, prioritizing a consultative approach and strategic discussions with clients, exploring your pain points across different functional areas and partnering with you long-term.

Our approach expands IT services into strategic business consulting, encompassing innovation, automation, artificial intelligence, data management, and collaboration.

Together, let’s harness technology to support your business goals.

Our Consultative Process


In less time than it takes to cook a good meal, watch an episode or two of your favorite show, or do a full workout, we can help you map out the future of your business.

Technology is increasingly becoming a differentiator for companies of all sizes. It is becoming a vital component in standing out against the competition, as well as your ability to innovate. Aligning technology to your goals while addressing the day-to-day challenges can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created a simple yet strategic Digital Transformation (aka Business Modernization) Methodology that starts with a BlueSky Executive Session.

BlueSky Sessions are industry-specific interactive sessions led by a member of our vCIO team. The process is designed to uncover and build your company’s technology roadmap based on your unique challenges, needs, and goals.

The best part? It takes less than an hour.

The BlueSky Process Includes:

Understanding Business Objectives through a Blue Sky Executive Session:

Start by identifying specific business goals and what success looks like for the client.

Attitude Toward Technology (ATT):

Discuss the company’s approach to technology and strategies relevant at both company and department levels.

Strategic and Operational Prioritization:

Collaborate to prioritize technology initiatives that align with business success.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Our vCIO Team

We understand that technology is not just a tool; it’s a strategic enabler for your business growth. That’s why we offer a team of dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) who serve as your trusted strategic consultants, empowering you to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and propel your business to new heights.

What Sets Our vCIOs Apart:

Strategic Visionaries:

Our vCIOs aren’t just tech experts; they’re seasoned professionals with a keen understanding of business strategy. They collaborate closely with you to align your technology initiatives with your overarching business goals, ensuring that every IT investment drives tangible results.

Tailored Solutions:

One size does not fit all when it comes to technology solutions. Our vCIOs take the time to understand your unique business challenges, objectives, and industry landscape. Armed with this insight, they craft customized IT strategies tailored to your specific needs, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Proactive Guidance:

In today’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, proactive planning is key to staying ahead of the curve. Our vCIOs provide ongoing guidance and support, keeping you informed of emerging trends, potential risks, and opportunities for innovation. With their strategic foresight, you can adapt swiftly to market changes and maintain a competitive edge.

Your Trusted Partner:

Building long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency is at the core of what we do. Our vCIOs act as an extension of your team, offering unbiased advice and recommendations to help you make informed decisions that drive business results. With their expertise by your side, you can navigate the complexities of IT with confidence, knowing that you have a dedicated partner committed to your success.

In-Depth Technical Expertise

At New Charter Technologies, we thoroughly and meticulously audit your system to fully understand its intricacies, then work with you to develop the most relevant and enduring enhancements to your existing infrastructure.

We help you in resolving persistent process efficiency issues, reducing clutter, minimizing manual dependencies, enhancing security, and shortening overall delivery times, all while significantly improving cost-effectiveness and lowering overhead.

Gauge your IT Health

We conduct our audits not just to get a handle on your business, but to really get what makes it tick and to give you the full picture of your current infrastructure – all within the scope of your business needs and goals.

As we move forward in the process, your vCIO IT Consultant will work with you to draw up a clear roadmap. We’ll figure out where you are in your journey, where you want to go, and how to set up your infrastructure to connect those dots.

IT Strategy Consulting Guide

Technology isn't just a tool; it's your strategic advantage.

Navigating business challenges and identifying new growth opportunities requires a strategy that aligns technology with your business goals. Our consultative approach to business modernization simplifies this process.

Ready to embark on the journey from basic IT upkeep to a transformative roadmap?

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Anywhere, Anytime, Nationwide

The New Charter platform brings immense strength in numbers, with over 20 MSPs in over 30 markets contributing diverse skills and knowledge. This collective expertise ensures tailored solutions to meet your evolving needs.

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Nettech, Monroe, LA,
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Computer Transition Services Inc. (CTSI), Lubbock
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End-To-End Solutions

We’ll assist you in navigating through a potentially overwhelming array of options in applications, architecture, and components, tailored to your current and future business needs. We’ll ensure the resilience of your applications through performance testing and secure every layer of your infrastructure.

Finally, we’ll guide you through the solution implementation process until it “plays nicely” and seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Business Continuity

Businesses often recognize the advantages of adopting and implementing new, business-critical solutions but tend to consistently postpone them due to prioritizing other concerns.

Our strategy-first approach, centered on ROI, ensures swift decision-making and smooth end-to-end implementation and integration of solutions, minimizing disruption to current processes.

Disaster Recovery

These days, businesses deal with more uncertainties, so it’s crucial it is to have a strong infrastructure that can handle unexpected situations. We specialize in developing comprehensive worst-case scenario plans that can be activated within minutes, safeguarding your mission-critical systems and keeping them highly resilient.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

For organizations laser-focused on growth, compliance can pose significant challenges. That’s why we handle the assessment, planning, and management of all your infrastructure frameworks. Throughout this process, we maintain a holistic, bird’s eye perspective aligned with your overall organizational strategy.

Our Strategic Partnerships

At New Charter, we celebrate the power of partnerships and value the strength of our community. Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond products—it’s about people. To bring you the best, we only partner with the best.

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