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New Charter Technologies has the largest breadth of capabilities and resources among IT consulting firms across North America.

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In-Depth Technical Expertise

At New Charter Technologies, we audit your system thoroughly to understand all its kinks and edges and then work with you on building the most relevant, yet future-proof tweaks to your existing infrastructure. We can help you overcome persistent problems with process efficiency; reduce clutter, minimize human dependencies, improve security and overall delivery time – while drastically improving cost efficiencies and lowering overheads.

We always work with you with an eye to the future, so your infrastructure remains highly flexible and scalable and does not bog you down with the exigencies of the day-to-day. We will provide you with an IT roadmap based on your business vision and goals that best aligns your strengths while ameliorating your weaknesses.

Bolster Control & Assessment

Gauge your IT Health

We conduct our audits with a view not only to understand your business better but to empower you with a thorough context of your current infrastructure within the framework of your business requirements and stated goals.

In subsequent evaluations, our IT Consultant will help you develop a clear roadmap and understand exactly where in the journey you’re located currently, where you want to go and how to set up an infrastructure that will enable you to join the dots.

This is essentially an attempt by us to bring the all the disparate facets of your infrastructure on the same viewing plane to try and map a path towards seamless integration. This involves facilitating all the current business processes and paving the path for new business initiatives and may involve introducing new business models, if needed.

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IT Strategy Consulting

This is essentially our attempt at turning your business infrastructure from just an enabler, or a liability into a full-blown active contributor to your business performance and bottom line.

We do this by developing a highly value-oriented active business-IT strategy and optimizing your IT delivery performance to its absolute best possible levels. We try and have active conversations going around how to reposition the entire IT function within your organizational culture wherein its recognized and used as a business-oriented, results-driven function with set business goals and ROI in focus.

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New Charter Technologies is the first name that comes into mind when people think of IT Consulting for small businesses across North America. We are the IT Consulting specialists of choice and have maintained thriving relationships with 500+ clients over 20 years of our combined experience.

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Our Strategic Partnerships

Our partner companies are always evolving and so are the competency requirements by them. New Charter Technologies is proud of these highly coveted partnerships, as we never fail to meet the rigorous standards through our qualified “deep bench” of experts.

Reliable & Quick

End-To-End Solutions

We will help you choose between a disorienting number of options in applications, architecture and components based on your current and future business needs. We will ensure the resilience of your applications through performance testing and ensure security layering in every part of your infrastructure.

Last, but not the least, we will handhold you through solution implementation until it ‘plays nicely’ with your existing infrastructure.

Business Continuity

A lot of times businesses may be aware of the benefits of implementing new business-critical solutions but may continue to perpetually de-prioritize it as they focus on implementation headaches.

With New Charter Technologies on the case, however, with our ROI-focused strategy-first approach you can expect quick decisions and end-to-end implementation and integration of solutions with near-zero impact on current processes.

Disaster Recovery

We live in an uncertain world where your business and especially the core of your infrastructure need to be ready to meet any contingencies that might arise. We help you craft an all-encompassing worst-case scenarios plan that can be put into action in minutes and keeps your mission-critical systems and applications safe and highly resilient.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

Compliance can be a real pain for organizations laser-focused on growth and that is why we take care of assessing, planning and managing all your infrastructure frameworks. We do this while maintaining a bird’s eye view of the overall organizational strategy.

Gaining The Strategic Edge

Benefits of IT Consulting

At New Charter Technologies, we offer a single-POC interface for managing your entire enterprise infrastructure end-to-end. With us looking after the health and well-being of your infrastructure for decades to come, you can cut out the drama involved in multiple vendor liaising, the doubts behind different components and OEMs ‘behaving well’ with each other, a degree of seemingly unavoidable blame game and instead use of that time, energy and resources behind doing what you love to do – grow your business!

Budget Savvy

Actively budget for infrastructure to avoid any surprises and stick to ‘milestone investments/ deployments’.

Proactive Assistance

Implement the most relevant technical solutions for your most persistent business needs

Time and Cost Efficient

Free up precious time and resources to focus on your core business priorities

Leverage our expertise

Make the best use of certified, industry-leading technical expertise that you can count on to provide you with a business edge


Drive lean innovation through a highly productive work environment without losing sight of business growth and overall vision

Strategy Road-mapping

Ensure your technology decisions are aligned with the overall strategy and serve your current needs in the most efficient way


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