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New Charter Technologies is the most trusted name among managed services providers across North America because we have resolved to provide you with the fastest response times possible with most problems fixed the first time they are raised, and prevent or minimize recurrence.

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Given the shifting nature of businesses in the current environment, the ability to scale at will, make use of expert-level resources in diverse operational needs on demand provides an advantage that’s hard for companies to ignore.

The first thing that differentiates New Charter Technologies’s service is that we are a fully US-based service. Our support services are offered by local resources (generally located very close to our client’s operations) that enable us to offer hyper local outsourced IT services – something many companies desperately need!

Operational Excellence

A Vast Talent Pool

Forget the hassle to find the most talented software developers. Let your IT outsourcing provider scour the best of the talent pool available at a global scale to meet the talent crunch you face. IT outsourcing is your best chance to spot and engage the faculties of the most qualified specialists outside the company without the burdens of recruitment and hiring. Specialists from different locations, work backgrounds and cultures also bring on board a host of skills, disciplines and innovations that simply may not be available to you in-house.

Streamlined Focus

Attention to Core Business

You focus on what matters most while the daily operations of your business runs on autopilot – thanks to the vast resources and tools made available to you by New Charter Technologies. This also allows your business to get much more done in a much shorter timeframe. Moreover, the streamlined focus this allows on core processes allows you to hone your product or service much better and attain your business objectives quickly.

Agile and Efficient

Our Path to Success

At New Charter Technologies, we design a highly agile and efficient business process, achieve faster time-to-market and provide round-the-clock exceptional customer service right from the start of your business journey.

We are the IT Outsourcing specialists of choice for Fortune 500 companies and have maintained thriving relationships with 500+ clients over 20 years of our combined experience.

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Full Control & Autonomy

Balanced peak loads

Work according to the flow. As volumes of work rise up and down, there is no reason for your business to bear the costs of infrastructure and permanent resources even while they lie idle. With our IT outsourcing services, you are in full control of resources as you can divide your project in stages and engage partially independent specialists on an as-needed basis. You can achieve full project completion with high-quality, efficient performance from a team that rises up to the occasion as and when you need it.

Protect Your Business

Improved security

One of the greatest benefits of Outsourcing IT is the added security you bring on-board with service-backed guarantees. IT outsourcing companies in USA have the best cyber security experts with certifications and decades of experience in the field and this guarantees excellent protection for your business against the rising incidence of highly coordinated cyber attacks. Moreover, IT service providers also follow industry-leading security solutions and protocols in all their processes.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Our Strategic Partnerships

Our partner companies are always evolving and so are the competency requirements by them. New Charter Technologies is proud of these highly coveted partnerships, as we never fail to meet the rigorous standards through our qualified “deep bench” of experts.

IT Outsourcing Services

Digital Transformation At Its Best

New Charter Technologies is a premier IT outsourcing company that has supported businesses of varying sizes across US for over 20+ years. Our team brings custom-tailored solutions to your business to help manage overheads and risks in the most optimal fashion, reduce time-to-market, enhance process agility and customer service, and boost innovation at all levels.

Project Initiation

A dedicated transition manager develops a transition plan and sets the transition success criteria with the client.

Knowledge Transfer

We firm up the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the project and initiate the knowledge capture process from existing suppliers and internal teams.

Tool Sets

We get a complete picture of the various agreements, deployment and configuration of the toolsets currently in use to support the business.

Interim Support

We take full accountability of the transition process and do it in a phased approach to mitigate any impact on business processes.

Proactive Monitoring

From the start of the “service commencement date” we contractually take over the duty of delivering all agreed-upon services.


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4 primary reasons to choose us

What Sets Us Apart

There is a reason why our clients rely on us to manage their full technology lifecycle and execute their business vision 24*7.

We take care of end-to-end IT service management on premise including prompt in-office support.

We guarantee:

  • First-call resolution on diverse technical issue remediation
  • 24*7*365 monitoring and on-premise as well as remote maintenance
  • A tiered system to handle all your business functions efficiently and scale as required
Supporting businesses end-to-end and accompanying them in their growth-hacking journey

We have some of the top minds in strategic IT counselling and management in USA on board with us. We can support your business right from very early stages of product/ service design and implementation to growth at scale.

Taking care of all your IT needs in the most secure and cost-efficient manner possible

Our IT outsourcing services can help your business drive innovation and process transformation through increased agility, higher security, and lower costs and IT complexity. We also offer virtualization services and development and/ or management of custom-built applications for businesses. With these, your business will be free to focus on core competencies while maintaining a lean profile.

Offering advanced Hardware Infrastructure as a Service (HIaaS)

With most companies finding it difficult to build, maintain, manage an in-house data center, it makes much more business sense to outsource this to highly experienced IT outsourcing service providers like New Charter Technologies s we offer advanced Hardware Infrastructure as a Service (HIaaS).


IT Outsourcing Blogs

IT outsourcing is growing by leaps and bounds and here are some useful tips and actionable items that can help you thrive your business goals.