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IT Outsourcing Services

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In today’s fluctuating business landscape, the ability to scale and access expert IT resources on demand is a crucial advantage.

What sets New Charter Technologies apart is our fully US-based service.

We offer the best of both worlds: locally delivered IT solutions supported by a nationwide team with extensive experience. This enables us to provide locally connected outsourced IT services.

The Top IT Employer

In today’s competitive landscape, securing and nurturing top IT talent poses a significant challenge for many organizations. We leverage our extensive talent pool to meet your IT needs effectively. We attract, hire, and retain the finest tech professionals, ensuring that you have access to a diverse range of skills, disciplines, and innovative solutions that may not be readily available in-house. By opting for IT outsourcing, you gain the advantage of working with highly skilled specialists while freeing yourself from the complexities of recruitment and management.

Attention to Core Business

As you focus on what matters most, the daily operations of your business can run on autopilot thanks to our technology resources and tools. This efficiency enables your business to accomplish more in less time. Moreover, the streamlined focus on core processes allows you to refine your product or service and achieve your business objectives more quickly.

Efficient Project Management

Take command of your projects and boost efficiency with our IT outsourcing services. Cutting unnecessary infrastructure costs by dividing your projects into manageable stages and engaging independent specialists when needed means full control, something that can’t be underestimated. Guarantee superior results and on-time delivery with a team that’s always ready to assist.

Advanced Cybersecurity for Organizations of Any Size

Our dedicated advanced cybersecurity team, powered by Cyber74, delivers accessible cybersecurity with enterprise-level expertise, ensuring protection against the increasing incidence of highly coordinated cyber-attacks.

Our Strategic Partnerships

At New Charter, we celebrate the power of partnerships and value the strength of our community. Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond products—it’s about people. To bring you the best, we only partner with the best.

IT Outsourcing Services

Leading the Way in Modern IT

Digital Transformation: Empowering Modern IT Services

Our clients benefit from a consultative process that truly transforms and modernizes businesses. We excel in crafting unique solutions that empower your business to manage overheads and risks with precision. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in the top 1% globally, we’re equipped to reduce your time-to-market, enhance process agility, elevate customer service, and fuel innovation at every level of your organization.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

We're part of a select group of global partners, focused on delivering expertise and advanced solutions that truly make a difference.


We leverage collective knowledge and experience from our best-in-class MSPs to drive innovation and enhance service quality for our clients.

Data Intelligence

Harness the power of data intelligence to make informed decisions, turn data into actionable insights, and drive your business forward.

AI and Automation

Use AI to improve processes, eliminate redundant work, increase productivity, and lower expenses.

Project Initiation

A dedicated transition manager collaborates with the client to develop a transition plan and establish success criteria for the process.

Knowledge Transfer

We firm up the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the project and initiate the knowledge capture process from existing suppliers and internal teams.

Tool Sets

We get a complete picture of the various agreements, deployment and configuration of the toolsets currently in use to support the business.

Interim Support

We take full accountability of the transition process and do it in a phased approach to mitigate any impact on business processes.

Proactive Monitoring

From the start of the “service commencement date” we contractually take over the duty of delivering all agreed-upon services.

What Sets Us Apart

Our clients trust us completely to manage their technology lifecycle and execute their business vision round-the-clock.

In-Office Support

We take care of end-to-end IT service management on-premise including prompt in-office support.

We guarantee:

  • First-call resolution on diverse technical issue remediation
  • 24/7/365 remote and on-premise monitoring and maintenance
  • A tiered system to handle all your business functions efficiently and scale as required

Strategic Planning

Supporting businesses end-to-end and accompanying them in their growth journey.

We have some of the top minds in strategic IT counseling and management.
We’re equipped to support your business from the initial stages of product/service design and implementation all the way through to scalable growth.

Hosting Management

Our IT outsourcing services facilitate innovation and process transformation by boosting agility, enhancing security, and reducing costs and complexity.

Additionally, we provide virtualization services and develop and manage custom applications tailored to businesses’ needs. With these solutions, your business can prioritize core competencies while operating efficiently.

Data Center Outsourcing

With the complexities involved in building and managing an in-house data center, many companies opt to outsource to experienced IT service providers like New Charter Technologies. We specialize in Hardware Infrastructure as a Service (HIaaS), offering a practical solution for businesses seeking efficient data management.

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