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Managed Cloud Services

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At New Charter Technologies, we work with clients to build and implement strategic managed cloud services that meet their growing and evolving needs irrespective of changing business environments.

"At New Charter, clients enjoy working with seasoned cloud architects, who are equally comfortable building out public cloud (Azure and AWS) or Private CLOUD infrastructure (9 Data Centers Across North America), or a hybrid of both. Clients appreciate that about us because a singular approach rarely works for all use cases."

James RichardsGroup President, New Charter Technologies

Cloud Computing Solutions

We bring two decades of experience collaborating with industry-leading cloud experts. Our certified and highly experienced engineering team is committed to maximizing the longevity and efficiency of your IT systems.

With our customized managed cloud services, we can assist you in painlessly migrating to the cloud or with maintaining your existing cloud solutions.

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"We're in the top 1% of all Microsoft partners. There's 400,000 Microsoft partners, which is more than any other hyperscale. What does that mean? Basically, we have access to things that most Microsoft partners don't have access to, including special funding programs that help our customers pay for migrations, pay for new technology inside of Microsoft, or even help pay to move from a different hyperscale to Microsoft."

Chance WeaverVice President, Global Microsoft Practice, New Charter Technologies

Managed Cloud Services

New Charter’s managed cloud services let you handle your IT infrastructure ‘off-site’ with ease. You don’t have to worry about hardware and software maintenance. We offer you fast, regular and dependable upgrades that enable flexibility and scalability.

Software as a Service

As a business’s SaaS provider, we manage their technical issues. This provides a huge efficiency boost to businesses as you can cut down on repetitive, tedious but necessary tasks, such as, installation, management, upgrading and more leaving your expensive and experienced technical staff to focus on core technical problems with products/ services.

Infrastructure as a Service

Commonly known as cloud infrastructure services, IaaS is a suite of fully self-serviced but highly scalable and automated compute resources. IaaS saves businesses from huge upfront sunk costs associated with expensive infrastructure instead allowing them to access resources on-demand whenever required.

Server Virtualization

Think of virtualization as the single most cost-effective investments for your business. Virtualization works based on software-based representations of applications, servers, networks and more using the same physical infrastructure. Due to its very nature, it’s highly scalable and resource-efficient.


Transform your single server into many virtual machines through Hyper-V virtualization. Each of those environments, in turn, can host many hardware and software components – all without any need for installation or configuration.


VMWare is the go-to solution for large enterprises that use a data center or cloud-based storage. With VMWare you can virtualize your workloads, build and customize your own private cloud, scale at will and do much more.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtualization can help host multiple software/ hardware on multiple virtual instances, and it can also help you provide and manage virtual desktops through virtual machines. These instances get deployed on user-request and the desktop environments are hosted on a centralized server. Any endpoint mobile device can access them over the network.

File Sharing Solutions

Large or small, file sharing should be easy and convenient. With New Charter Technologies as your managed cloud services provider, file sharing will be instantaneous with your content stored already in the cloud. This applies irrespective of file size or type and can be securely shared and accessed both inside and outside your network.

Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can guide you on deployment, training, integration and support end-to-end and have anytime service-desks available to resolve all your queries whenever they arise. Our expert technicians are Microsoft-certified and have years of diverse Microsoft 365 use cases experience under their belts.

Backup as a Service

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is an anytime on-demand backup service that is more reliable, secure and has better availability than traditional backup and restore solutions. Your data is always available, easily manageable, has multiple levels of redundancy and does not have the limitations of on-premise backup solutions.

We offer the best of both worlds: locally delivered IT solutions supported by a nationwide team with extensive experience.

We can help you achieve optimal efficiency with easy upgrades, patching, maintenance, and security with consistent monthly costs. Concentrate on your business priorities and forget about the hassle of handling a large number of IT tools and processes.

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Finding the right cloud for your business needs

With a New Charter Technologies company, you can move to the cloud smoothly and easily, without affecting your workflows or processes. With the right cloud strategy, your transition will be fast, lowering infrastructure expenses. Your team will be empowered to work together efficiently from anywhere, reaching confidential information safely. Your business will become more flexible and adaptable which can result in a large cost savings in a short period of time.

Private Cloud

Whether you choose a private cloud in-house or hosted at a provider’s data center, private clouds provide the same flexibility, scalability, and performance as the public cloud, along with enhanced security and customizations. With an offsite cloud, you wouldn’t even need to maintain an in-house team to access that level of security.

Public Cloud

The most popular option for migrations, public clouds divide a network of physical servers to offer highly flexible, reliable, high-performance, and scalable virtualized hosting environments. A public cloud hosts multiple clients within a single physical server infrastructure, but the virtual networks are completely isolated from each other. Private clouds provide very high-performance computing, storage, and services with a low entry barrier for businesses.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud offers a mixed computing, storage, and services environment that orchestrates everything from on-premise infrastructure to private cloud services and a public cloud. Hybrid clouds are exceptionally capable of delivering fast-moving digital business transformation and agility. They can prove to be a forward-looking investment for organizations willing to invest heavily in the cloud due to their ability to adapt and change quickly according to business demands.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has proven to be one of the most reliable cloud solutions for enabling businesses to deploy production environments, high-performance databases, and more. As a cloud computing services provider, we have assisted over XYZ clients in building and deploying applications using AWS. We understand your business’ unique needs and tailor AWS to deliver the most scalable, secure, and efficient applications.


As cloud solution architects, we can help you get the best results from the highly scalable, and user-friendly Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. Microsoft Azure supports multiple languages and mobile platforms. We have years of expertise in developing highly-customized, platform-independent cloud solutions using Azure, and can guarantee the maximum strategic business value on implementation.

Google Cloud Platform

Your business, powered by Google Cloud Platform. We take care of the rest, from pre-planning to implementation to integration. The platform hosts compute, storage, and application development services using Google’s hardware.


Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of this cloud computing solution, but Heroku might just be one of the best finds in Platform as a Service (PaaS) for cloud deployment. With our assistance, you can easily deploy, build, manage, and scale your applications using Heroku. The applications are hosted by AWS, ensuring the reliability of the infrastructure.

Digital Ocean

Imagine your cloud servers provisioned in as little as 55 seconds with the Digital Ocean hosting experience. Let us assist you in creating, automating, and managing a high-performing cloud architecture with plug-and-play unique features such as floating IP addresses, shared private networking, Tier-1 bandwidth, team accounts, and SSD (solid-state drive) hard drives.

Our Strategic Partnerships

At New Charter, we celebrate the power of partnerships and value the strength of our community. Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond products—it’s about people. To bring you the best, we only partner with the best.

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