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What are managed services?

Is your business still stuck in the break/ fix model of IT servicing? Are you finding it increasingly hard to manage your IT needs in-house with rising resource requirements, costs, complex compliance and licensing requirements and endless cycles of patching and maintenance? If so, we highly suggest looking into Managed IT Services for your business.

A lot of businesses tend to shy away from engaging the services of Managed IT Support providers simply because they think they are too small/ large or maybe worried if the scope of their business can be understood and effectively managed by a third party. One of the core benefits of Managed IT Services is that it’s massively scalable and comes with predictable costs to suit your current needs. Even though there might be some trial and error involved in finding the right IT Services Provider for your business, this one really should be a no-brainer, as it is still only a fraction of the high sunk cost of creating and managing your on-premise infrastructure and network over the years.

Managed IT Services, in its essence, takes care of your business’ IT requirements end-to-end. This includes everything from hardware/software deployment, upgrade, patching, and maintenance to resolving your queue of helpdesk and service requests in lightning speed, on-premise support for technical issues whenever required, auditing your IT Infrastructure and network for both greater Efficiency and IT Security and providing guidance on budgeting and tweaking your existing infrastructure to that end.

The best part is that you don’t need to wait for your infrastructure to ‘break’ and hold up your productivity in order to fix it. Preventative maintenance will take care of most ‘stop production queue and fix now’ type of technical problems long before they even crop up on you.


Use Managed IT Services to build resilience into the core of your infrastructure

According to IDC, on average, an infrastructure failure can cost USD $100,000 an hour and a critical application failure can cost USD $500,000 to USD $1 million per hour. Moreover, with more and more people working remotely, businesses are now expecting long-term IT modifications that may cause IT budgets to increase in 2021.

Does it still make sense to rely on the traditional break/fix model that can lead to unpredictable and high costs in such demanding competitive environments?

Your IT management solutions, much like the rest of your business, need to be streamlined for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A managed services model of IT solutions can trim the fat from your infrastructure with a thorough audit and strategic inputs on balancing productivity with cost efficiency.

Your business no longer has the time/ resource luxury of waiting for a break to happen before fixing it. Instead, Managed IT Services will rely on preventative maintenance that aims to fix issues before they have a chance to appear. This also allows your IT costs to remain more predictable over time.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Business

A simple cost-to-benefit ratio makes Managed IT Support providers an absolute necessity for managing your infrastructure

Predictable subscription costs vs. high sunk cost

Perhaps the number one reason for small businesses to lean towards Managed IT Services now lies in the respite it provides from high capital expenditures in simply setting up your infrastructure before you can design and run a profitable business. Subscription service rates are highly competitive and can be subsumed under operational expenses, rather than costing your business both in terms of hardware/ software deployment and maintenance.

Industry-leading expertise and service variety at affordable prices

Let’s face realities. It’s getting harder and harder for SMBs to retain top-tier talent, especially when it comes to niche security expertise or other technologies. It takes time and money to find, recruit, train, certify and retain qualified manpower that still may be unavailable to you in case you have an issue during holidays or off-seasons. Compare this to the whole team of certified experts you can get on board by only paying subscription fees for Managed IT Services. These people are seasoned experts in their own rights and are likely to have already serviced businesses in your domain. They are self-starters who can take care of your infrastructure end-to-end leaving you free to focus on what matters – business and growth. Moreover, MSPs offer a bouquet of services that you can pick and choose from based on your organization’s needs.

Managed IT Services

Fixing issues before they become a bottleneck for productivity

Your business cannot afford to waste time in resolving IT issues and downtimes. Every additional second spent in unnecessary confusion around IT problems cost you in money, work hours and productivity. Hiring a MSP can help you prevent this by maintaining regular proactive maintenance and monitoring that can detect problems before or as they arise and take automated steps towards resolution. The MSPs will also ensure your security; licences and regulation parameters are adhered to strictly without you having to worry about them.

Professional Managed Security

This has now become a non-negotiable for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, the steep entry barrier that most SMBs face in setting up infrastructure also applies here. Professional industry-grade security costs money and highly skilled resources that are simply untenable for SMBs to manage at initial stages of business. With MSPs, you are guaranteed 24*7*365 security with continuous proactive monitoring and threat dissolution/ alerting strategies incorporated into the structure of the service.

Discover Managed IT Services and more at New Charter Technologies

If you are looking for headway into some of the most innovative Managed IT Support providers out there, New Charter Technologies may be a great place to start your search. Our MSP offerings come layered with some truly forward-thinking decentralized organizational principles and coordinated structure that allows clients to focus on growth at scale while their infrastructure needs are taken care of end-to-end. Explore the joy of sheer autonomy in culture, leadership and financial returns as you run your business with a core infrastructure powered entirely by New Charter Technologiess managed services.