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New Charter Technologies is the leading managed service provider across North America because we have resolved to provide you with the fastest response times possible with most problems fixed the first time they are raised, and prevent or minimize recurrence.

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Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Our clients rely on us for a unique ability – to be able to look at their business and understand exactly how they can derive the maximum business potential out of managing their infrastructure cost vs. investment vs. budget.We help you

  • Build and maintain a highly resilient network with round the clock monitoring
  • Build a scalable and highly resilient effective defence network that can rise up to meet evolving security challenges
  • Improve ROI, time to market and drive greater cost-effectiveness throughout different business functions
  • Reduce labour costs while increasing efficiencies
  • Improve overall business resilience and scalability
  • Improve vendor management
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Far Visioned

Transparent Strategy

We keep you covered for any business or technical contingencies with implementation, security and help desk services in IT service management. We partner with businesses with real potential and help them realize their IT vision through the right infrastructure solutions in the long-term.

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End-to-End Managed IT Service Coverage

We understand just how challenging inter-departmental functioning can get in today’s business environment. We try to minimize complexities through a focus on growth and building agile processes. The benefits will be evident once you start working with us.

Tell us your business vision and long-term goals – and we will work towards building the infrastructure that turns it into a reality. Once you have us on board, you will have the most efficient and resilient infrastructure that will allow you to combat challenges, grow, and scale.

Remote Management

Minimize the scope of problems and their recurrence through predicting, identifying and resolving issues with high degree of accuracy – before they even become a problem. Through our remote management services, New Charter Technologies constantly monitors and scans your network for any sort of aberrant behaviour and proactively pushes out security safeguards (antivirus, antispyware, patches and updates) to protect the length and breadth of your business boundaries.

Managed Database

New Charter Technologies offers exceptionally available database management services for companies that need availability, big data storage requirements, or regional distribution. Our unified database management dashboard comes equipped with smart features including automatic performance tuning, customizable alerts, and integrations with systems like business intelligence and more.

Network Architecture Management

We can help you consolidate and optimize network storage and backup facilities. We take care of managing all your logical and physical needs including managing routers, switches, and firewalls, monitoring your network for any abnormal activity, maintaining your Storage Area Networks (SAN) and LAN/WAN as well as advanced telecommunications services, such as, Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Installation and Network Operations

Your network remains protected with us. Our installation, configuration, and network operations take care of continuous monitoring, proactive reporting and real-time alerts for network failures. We have industry-leading solution developers on our team who can help you resolve your queries, problems and help you troubleshoot problems as and when they arise.

Software Update & Patch Management

Our software update and patch management services take care of evolving vulnerabilities in all your software. We version check and update for all your business apps and hardware, provide a 360-degree protection from security vulnerabilities. We also identify, monitor, and replace outdated systems for a smooth transition between your systems/versions.

Maintenance, Security, and Compliance

We offer comprehensive and industry-leading IT management services in maintenance, security and compliance. With New Charter Technologies on board, you never have to worry about security threats again as we have some of USA’s best cybersecurity minds on our team who are highly effective at staying a step ahead of security vulnerabilities, minor or major.

Change and Configuration Management

Change and configuration management is a critical component of network optimization services. We are extremely rigorous in ensuring highly detailed change management and provide information-rich details on pre-failure alerts, preventive notifications, RCA (root cause analysis), event correlation, and trend analysis.


Confident & Competitive Edge

Managed IT Services by Industry

We understand just how challenging inter-departmental functioning can get in today’s business environment. We try to minimize complexities through a focus on growth and building agile processes. The benefits will be evident once you start working with us.

We are active in whatever domain you’re in! In our rich history of working with over 600 businesses of varying sizes, we’ve developed deep domain expertise in different verticals including but not limited to:

Financial Services

We combine advanced digital engagement and credibility garnered from developing industry-leading solutions that secure and delight your customers at every touch point; New Charter Technology has the right chops to address the specific needs of your BFSI firm.


We work with healthcare providers to deliver both front-end IT-related patient care as well as meticulous and highly secure digital patient record keeping. We understand just how sensitive medical data is and take every step to ensure the integrity of the data.

Higher Education

We offer custom-tailored and highly cost-effective IT solutions that can enable you to deliver a host of learning experiences including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), VR Classrooms and more.

Manufacturing & Distribution

New Charter Technology understands the massive shift with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the chemical mix of Big Data, AI, and IoT. Our IT solutions can help you streamline manufacturing frameworks and improve process efficiency through automation, enterprise application design, quality assurance and more.


With our industry-leading solutions, you will be able to manage multi-channel operations with ease and more importantly, drive business intelligence from ‘phygital’ presences to craft truly unique customer journeys to stay ahead of the game.

Media and Entertainment

The demand for exclusive, on-demand content is growing at an unprecedented rate. New Charter Technology’s IT management solutions can help entertainment studios not just manage, but also distribute content globally to maintain an edge in a highly competitive space.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Managed Service Strategic Partnerships

Our partner companies are always evolving and so are the competency requirements by them. New Charter Technologies is proud of these highly coveted partnerships, as we never fail to meet the rigorous standards through our qualified “deep bench” of experts.

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