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As a managed service provider (MSP), we’re dedicated to understanding and addressing your specific business challenges. Managing technology can be challenging, and finding a great IT team is even tougher. Our people understand the importance of building relationships and have the operational maturity to connect IT to business objectives. Our team of experts provide personalized technology services to enhance your operations, improve productivity, and secure your business.

We’re committed to your success and growth. We offer innovative solutions through the collective expertise of over 20 MSPs in the New Charter platform for a truly impactful partnership.

Managed IT Services for Small and Medium-Sized Business

We’re here to understand your business inside and out. Count on us to dive deep into your goals, tailoring our approach to maximize your potential. We’ll carefully balance your infrastructure costs, investments, and budget, ensuring every decision is strategically aligned with your company’s growth trajectory.

Specifically, we help you:

  • Build and maintain a highly resilient network with round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Boost your returns, get products/services out faster, and find smarter ways to save money across the functional areas of your business.
  • Build a scalable defense network that can meet evolving security challenges.
  • Reduce labor costs while increasing efficiencies.
  • Improve overall business resilience and scalability.
  • Align and optimize your vendor relationships.
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Transparent IT Strategy

We prioritize your business’s resilience, tackling both technical and operational challenges head-on. Our IT service management isn’t just about implementation and support—it’s about partnering with you to meet your goals.

Together, we’ll craft tailored solutions and provide ongoing support to ensure your long-term success. With transparent strategies and a focus on results, we’ll help your business thrive.

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End-to-End Managed IT Services Coverage

We get it—navigating inter-departmental functions in today’s business world can be a big hurdle. That’s why we’re here to simplify things. We focus on growth and building agile processes to cut through the complexity.

Share your business vision and long-term goals with us, and we’ll lay the groundwork to make it a reality.

With us on board, you’ll have an efficient and robust infrastructure ready to tackle and combat any challenges, spur growth, and scale your operations.

Remote Management

You can minimize IT issues and prevent their recurrence by accurately predicting, identifying, and resolving them before they crop up. With our remote IT support and management services, we actively scan and monitor your network for any unusual activity and proactively deploy security measures – such as antivirus, antispyware, patches, and updates – to safeguard your business from top to bottom.

Managed Database

We offer exceptionally available database management services for companies that need availability, big data storage requirements, or regional distribution. Our unified database management dashboard comes equipped with smart features including automatic performance tuning, customizable alerts, and integrations with systems like business intelligence and more.

Network Architecture Management

We can help you consolidate and optimize network storage and backup facilities. We take care of managing all your logical and physical needs including managing routers, switches, and firewalls, monitoring your network for any abnormal activity, maintaining your Storage Area Networks (SAN) and LAN/WAN as well as advanced telecommunications services, such as Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Installation and Network Operations

Your network remains protected with us. Our installation, configuration, and network operations take care of continuous monitoring, proactive reporting and real-time alerts for network failures. We have industry-leading solution developers on our team who can help you resolve your queries and issues, and help you troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Software Update & Patch Management

Our software update and patch management services address evolving vulnerabilities across all your software. We perform version checks and updates for your business applications and hardware, ensuring 360-degree protection from security threats. Additionally, we identify, monitor, and replace outdated systems for a smooth transition between your systems and versions.

Maintenance, Security, and Compliance

We offer comprehensive and industry-leading IT management services, including maintenance, security, and compliance. Our focus is on ensuring the security and management of your IT needs. Our team is equipped with knowledgeable cybersecurity experts dedicated to safeguarding your systems against threats.

Change and Configuration Management

Change and configuration management is a critical component of network optimization services. We are extremely rigorous in ensuring highly detailed change management and provide information-rich details on pre-failure alerts, preventive notifications, RCA (root cause analysis), event correlation, and trend analysis.

Managed IT Services by Industry

In our extensive experience collaborating with businesses of diverse sizes, we’ve cultivated profound domain expertise across numerous industries. From healthcare to finance, manufacturing to retail, we understand the unique IT needs and challenges that your business faces.


We work with healthcare providers to deliver both front-end IT-related patient care as well as meticulous and highly secure digital patient record keeping. We understand just how sensitive medical data is and take every step to ensure the integrity of the data.


We can ensure that your data and processes are up to standard by executing compliance readiness assessments and by implementing administrative, technical, and physical regulatory programs that are monitored 24/7/365.


We understand the massive shift with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the chemical mix of Big Data, AI, and IoT. Our IT solutions can help you streamline manufacturing frameworks and improve process efficiency through automation, enterprise application design, quality assurance and more.

Small & Medium Businesses

IT preparedness is what we specialize in. We will make sure that your infrastructure is developed to support all situations. Local and offsite data backup centers, disaster planning and recovery strategy, and full on-site evaluation will limit downtime and loss.

Professional Services

In order to make you an efficient Professional Services Organization, our team of industry expert vCIOs will ensure that they strategically align your technology with your business objectives to ensure business continuity.


You and your stakeholders don’t have time for an IT outage. That’s where we can help. We provide reliable, cost-effective, and secure IT support and management to Government agencies to help them effectively serve the public.


From fundraising to partnerships to communication management, We provide a scalable and supported IT infrastructure critical to advancing work.

Financial Services

We offer tailored solutions for banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) firms, blending advanced digital engagement with proven credibility to secure and delight you at every touchpoint.

Get to know us!

We’ve reimagined IT services with a ‘people’ focus. As a result, our people understand the importance of building relationships and have the operational maturity to connect IT to your business goals truly.

Our team is what sets us apart, and we’re excited to introduce them to you!


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