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For years, small to mid-sized businesses have been focused on individual offerings and solutions. We’re bringing a truly comprehensive security program to the market, implementing the people, process, technology – everything necessary for complete security services. We’re bringing a high-end offering to a market that historically hasn’t been able to afford it.

CISO, New Charter Technologies

Cyber74, a New Charter Technologies subsidiary, provides cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your business from new and evolving cyber threats that can breach even the most secure networks.

We offer sophisticated cybersecurity with simplicity and transparency.

End-to-End Managed Security Coverage

We assess and mitigate risks across your infrastructure and anticipate future challenges. Our certified cybersecurity experts collaborate with your executive teams, stakeholders, and subject-matter experts to scrutinize processes and deploy a comprehensive security framework.

Our customized services match your business needs, offering a multi-layered protection framework for networks, devices, and programs. We also provide targeted cybersecurity support on employee awareness, cyber-attack simulations, backup and data recovery, and defense against internal and external threats.

24/7 Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services cover everything from detecting threats to investigating and managing them. We oversee all security events from your systems, providing continuous monitoring, management, and alerts across all your technologies. Our support extends to technical updates, upgrades, and software optimization. Here’s how we ensure your infrastructure remains fully protected:

  • We constantly monitor your systems to identify potential threats, employ preemptive measures, and seek to understand potential risks or vulnerabilities.
  • Our team uses specialized threat-hunting methods to find and mitigate security flaws in end points, user behavior, network and applications.
  • Our 24/7/365 security monitoring provides comprehensive protection from all threats, including system policy changes and compliance violations.
  • We take pride in our capacity for data-driven alert triage and our remarkably swift incident response times.
  • Our breach management services conduct thorough investigations to identify and eliminate the root causes of breaches. This helps clients return to normal routines more quickly and safely.

Managed Security Services By Industry

From basic email scams to sophisticated ransomware attacks, various threats can endanger your business. Mitigating these threats by developing, optimizing, and managing internal systems and personnel is daunting.

We cater to organizations of all sizes and sectors. With decades of expertise, our experts have collaborated with businesses across various domains. We serve organizations in:

  • Local Government
  • Public Sector
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Law firms
  • SMBs
  • Manufacturing and Retail
  • Banks and Finance organizations
  • Startups

Information Security Assessments

We employ a multidisciplinary approach to security, addressing data, physical, human, and technical risks comprehensively. Our cybersecurity solutions offer solid defense for enterprise infrastructure, data, servers, networks, end-user devices, and cloud platforms.

We assess your infrastructure to meet industry regulations, best practices, and customer needs. Our assessment services provide updated risk, threat, and vulnerability mapping to identify security gaps. Results are compared to industry standards and continuously improved over time.

3-Step Process to Total Security

As new threats emerge daily, even the most secure networks face risks from sophisticated AI tools. Hackers increasingly target small and medium-sized businesses lacking high-end defensive tools. Size no longer offers invisibility; we’re your ally in the cyberterrorism battle.

Our multi-tiered network defense solution provides constant monitoring and protection. We prioritize customer needs, tailoring strategies to combat niche-specific threats.

3-Step Process to Total Security

Detection and Response

Helping you design and advance your cyber threat operations, adding 24/7 monitoring capacity, threat hunting, and rapid response.

Threat Protection

Receive comprehensive threat protection backed by a team of security experts that continuously monitor and analyze your IT environment.

Continuous Testing

Our incident response and security experts can monitor and analyze your IT environment on an ongoing basis for threats to ensure you’re well-protected.

We offer accessible cybersecurity with enterprise-level expertise

We work closely with our clients to deploy cybersecurity to ensure 360-degree protection of your assets, data, and capitalize on new business opportunities. The vast strength in numbers and knowledge across New Charter means our clients will always be in the lead.

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Our Managed Security Service Offerings

Cybersecurity poses a serious threat to small businesses, risking not just revenue loss but also irreparable damage to reputation and business operations. This challenge is made worse by the struggle of small businesses to allocate budget and hire skilled cyber defense personnel.

New Charter Technologies addresses this major gap in the defense posture of SMEs through defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategies that leverage the most advanced cybersecurity services used by the government, Fortune 500 companies, and military at prices that remain predictable and manageable for small businesses or organizations. We empower SMBs with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to address the gaps in SMB cybersecurity and enable 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting, advanced threat detection, and automated response in the event of an actual breach.

Many clients come to New Charter Technologies looking for complete protection for their business. So, we’ve developed our all-inclusive cybersecurity solution around Defense in Depth, a strategy that includes multilayered protection against current and emerging threats.

Our Managed Security Service Offering

Security Incident Response

A team of experts are on call to address and initiate recovery in the case of a security incident.

Cybersecurity Assessments

A comprehensive analysis and review of your IT infrastructure, including detection of vulnerabilities and threats. Understand your security posture against accepted standards and receive support to enhance.


Address, mitigate, and isolate the potential damage of a breach with a structured process and response team.

Threat Detection

Analyze your entire IT infrastructure to detect any malicious activity and neutralize any potential threats.

Endpoint Detection and Response

An integrated endpoint security solution that will monitor your data in real-time with response and analysis capabilities.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Get strategic advice from certified cybersecurity specialists.

Security Awareness Training

Empower your people with the knowledge to recognize potential cyberattacks.

Security Operation Center

Detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Protect Your Business Against Cybersecurity Threats

We specialize in crafting personalized security solutions for every business. Our approach involves guiding you through each stage of implementing and managing security protocols, ensuring both your data and your clients remain safe and secure. Here’s what sets us apart:


Discover which assets need to be protected and uncover any existing security vulnerabilities.

  • Annual security assessment and vulnerability report
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) risk assessment
  • Peer comparison report
  • Asset inventory
  • Assign risk-based Business Impact Analysis (BIA)


Establish policies to address identified vulnerabilities and provide ongoing training to keep employees actively engaged in cyber defense.

  • On-demand online security
  • Quarterly security webinars
  • Custom threat protection
  • Mitigation Group Policies (GPO’s)
  • Access to Library of Security Policy templates/manuals
  • End user testing/phishing testing
  • Quarterly security scan/vulnerability test


24/7 monitoring ensures that you are immediately alerted to breach attempts.

  • Dark Web Research and Stolen Credential Monitoring
  • Breach Detection and Vulnerability Scan
  • Multi-layered Antivirus and Anti-malware
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • Office 365 Security Analysis
  • Basic Managed Firewall
  • Anywhere Web Security


We ensure 360-degree protection with predictive problem-solving and proactive reporting.

  • Weekly Vulnerability Reporting
  • Anomalous Activity Reporting
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Change Management and Configuration Backup
  • Basic Managed Firewall (updates, monitoring, & backup)
  • Content Filtering
  • Roaming Endpoint Protection

"New Charter clients put a very high level of trust in us to protect their most critical and sensitive assets, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We put security first in everything that we do. We back that commitment up with investment in 24x7 security surveillance, regular security training and the best security talent and tools in the industry."

Scott PutnamCISO, New Charter Technologies

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At New Charter, we celebrate the power of partnerships and value the strength of our community. Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond products—it’s about people. To bring you the best, we only partner with the best.

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