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Facilitating A Robust IT Infrastructure

IT Support for Manufacturing

Manufacturers need to invest in technology at the highest level to stay competitive and agile in today’s evolving digital world. Our Manufacturing IT Support comprises optimizing manufacturing frameworks and improving system efficiency through cutting-edge automation, enterprise application design, management, support, and quality assurance.

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Manufacturing is a specialized industry with mission-critical systems, and complex processes, and requires high human involvement. These elements coupled with compliance regulations lead to the need to have a manufacturing IT infrastructure in place that not only supports the operational and strategic goals of the organization and its stakeholders but ensures optimal productivity and efficiency. 

Planned & Predictable Processes

IT Solutions for Manufacturing

You and your clients can’t afford to experience IT downtime. You need an IT support provider that can provide you manufacturing IT solutions to increase productivity, security, regulatory compliance, and support. That’s where we can help.

Whether it’s staffing operations, account management, client support, or order placement, we will be the point of contact for your organization. By building the framework of your IT structure, we always have a deep understanding of your business, leading to an efficient IT support strategy.

We will implement a technology program that enables highly-responsive communication and collaboration across stakeholders to increase productivity. We offer hosted email, PDA synchronization, and remote connectivity to ensure your team is always in touch. 

Regulations and Quality Standards

Regulation standards continue to rise and evolve. We ensure your organization is up to industry standards by implementing a compliance workflow that measures and maintains the quality of your services/products, captures and audits data, and modifies processes to meet the latest regulations.

NIST Compliance

A crucial strategic step for manufacturers is to become NIST-compliant. NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology and is geared towards promoting and maintaining cybersecurity protocols. We partner and guide your organization through the process of becoming NIST-compliant to ensure your network is protected.

Reduced Downtime

You can’t afford to have downtime. We provide you with highly-responsive 24/7 IT Support for your manufacturing businesses. Your entire IT infrastructure will be constantly monitored, managed, and streamlined to ensure you run at full capacity.

Planned Budgeting

IT infrastructure management is closely linked to resources and planning. Costs are dependent on labor availability, training, and downtimes. We support you in the IT implementation and budgeting process by communicating all prerequisites of a project and guiding you through that project with a strategic decision-making model backed by predictability.


We will strategically integrate your various platforms to allow your data and processes to run at full capacity – while meeting compliance requirements. We have a deep understanding of HL7 specification documents and how to map data between systems and organizations.

Data Security and Privacy

We will institute best IT practices to ensure your business and patient data is protected. Through data restriction, controls, active monitoring, and conducting regular risk assessments, your environment will be secure and monitored 24/7/365.

Cloud For Manufacturing - Planning & Migration

You need to be confident that your data is secure. We will support this initiative by seamlessly relocating all organization data, applications, and workloads to the cloud infrastructure.

Business continuity, backup and disaster planning

IT preparedness is what we specialize in. We will ensure your infrastructure is developed to support all situations. Local and offsite data backup centers, disaster planning and recovery strategy, and full on-site evaluation will limit downtime and loss.


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