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At New Charter, we believe innovation starts with our clients. We challenge the longstanding ineffectiveness of traditional IT services by showing up differently and providing an unmatched service experience. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have the expertise and resources to help your team leverage technology to drive business efficiency and growth.

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New Charter’s

Microsoft Expertise

New Charter Technologies is a Microsoft Cloud Partner Program member with three Solutions Partner designations: Modern Work, Business Applications, and Infrastructure Azure, with a Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Specialization. We maintain Microsoft Premier Support for Partners as part of our solution offerings for our clients.

We partner with customers to modernize workplace communications and operations, increase efficiencies in security, productivity, and communications, and effectively shift to a hybrid or remote workplace using Microsoft 365.

Innovation starts with our clients. We serve over 30+ cities in North America through our 20+ partners, allowing us to drive and assist with adoption and engagement. We challenge the longstanding ineffectiveness of traditional IT services by showing up differently and providing an unmatched service experience.

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Microsoft Businesses

New Charter Technologies has obtained the Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work designation for both SMB and Enterprise customers.

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Microsoft Partners

New Charter Technologies is a Managed Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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Microsoft Solutions

New Charter Technologies maintains Microsoft Premier Support for Partners as part of our solutions offerings for our clients.

Your Path to

4 Easy Steps To Your Digital
Transformation Journey

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner Modern Work, New Charter Technologies has the unique capability to tap into
a broader organization of expertise and resources to meet and drive your business’s digital transformation initiatives.

Determine how technology solutions can support your strategic vision

Unlike most managed service providers who won’t advocate moving your business to the cloud or are unaware of how to do so, we lead with cloud-first initiatives and communication strategies.

Advocate Cloud-first Strategies

We provide creative technology solutions that solve your business problems right now and set the foundation for digital transformation moving forward. We only propose solutions that align to your business objectives and strategic vision.

Deploy a secure environment

Whether you’re on cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid solution, we will ensure your IT environment is secure and monitored 24/7/365. We continuously assess your business infrastructure to ensure we’re providing true innovative technology solutions. We don’t do band aid solution patching.

Provide Bottom-line Value

We are committed to providing you the most valuable services in the market. Through relationship building, listening, and tapping into a broader organization of resources and specialization, we will partner to meet and transform your business.


Digital Transformation

The world is increasingly becoming more digitally focused. The need to collaborate, scale, and find efficiencies in your processes is not just to help you survive, it’s to thrive. Our deep Microsoft specialization combined with common sense innovation allows our clients to overcome Digital FOMO and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Digital Transformation means leveraging technology to create and implement innovative solutions to solve real world business problems or increase business productivity and efficiency. We leverage the Microsoft stack of tools to help your business become more profitable by increasing efficiencies.


The investment in these initiatives is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23% from 2019 to 2025,

$3.3 trillion

with a market spend of
$3.3 trillion in 2025


Companies are
engaged in some form of digital initiative


Companies express
a positive outlook about technology disruption


Technology Services

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Solutions

As a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we’re ready to support your technology and digital transformation strategy. The Microsoft platform will enable you to build, deploy, and manage all secure applications. As cybersecurity threats become ever more sophisticated, you are likely looking for solutions that provide an end-to-end, secured system, and Microsoft Solutions deliver security and will also address your compliance needs.

Microsoft Licensing

Gain the flexibility to manage your Microsoft licenses in one easy portal, including volume or registering and activating product license keys. Take advantage of our Microsoft Solutions Partner Modern Work license pricing opportunity.

Azure Services

Azure cloud offers rich products and cloud services designed to meet all your business needs. Build, run, and manage all your applications seamlessly and securely with the tools of your choice.

Azure Migration Services

Receive the tools and guidance to plan your move to the cloud – financially, operationally, and strategically. Easily track your progress using centralized reporting dashboards. We can manage your on-premise to cloud migration or hybrid cloud, your identity and security solutions and provide an end-to-end, secured ecosystem, across your identities, data, endpoints, infrastructure, and networks.

Microsoft Teams Migration Services

Teams is the ultimate communication and collaboration tool within Microsoft 365. Easily integrate your materials, processes, and tools in one place for enhanced workforce collaboration. Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive communication solution that brings together calling with Teams Voice, meetings, and messaging into a single application. Our team of experts can guide migration and governance if you choose to include Microsoft Teams in your digital transformation strategy. Better support how your team works, today.

Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Centralize your team with Microsoft 365. Benefits include streamlined communications, centralized access, advanced data security, automatic system updates, improved the bottom line, and enhanced end user experience.

Windows 365 Migration Services

Receive the tools, guidance, and support to transition your tools, processes, people, and materials to Windows 365 for centralization.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Support your remote workforce by setting up a secure remote desktop experience to access applications from virtually anywhere. Increase security, experience scaling benefits, and receive cost-saving opportunities.

Microsoft Endpoint Management

Seamlessly secure, deploy and manage all your users, apps, and devices in one place. You’ll ensure security across all endpoints with comprehensive management.


Industry Clouds


Gain the ability to manage all your health data and record in one place to enhance organization, ensure safety and compliance, improve efficiency, and provide the best patient experience.

Microsoft Products:
Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, HoloLens, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Teams


A comprehensive technology system that supports core processes and requirements in the industry. Connect people, assets, workflow, and business processes to be more efficient and productive.

Microsoft Products:
Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, HoloLens2, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, Autonomous systems with AI


Do more for the institutions, businesses, people, and communities you serve. Create a system that enhances collaboration, security, accessibility, and more through innovative technology solutions.

Microsoft Products:
Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams


Supporting your mission-critical initiatives with technology that will enhance donor support, increase program delivery effectiveness, and accelerate mission outcomes. Product grants and discounts available for Non-profit organizations.

Microsoft Products:
Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams

Financial Services

A multi-layered security and compliance system that allows you to deliver personalized customer experiences, increase collaboration, manage risk, and modernize core systems.

Microsoft Products:
Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams

Professional Services

Better serve your clients with a comprehensive technology stack that increases accessibility, communication, security, resource management, and more.

Microsoft Products:
Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Advertising, GitHub Enterprise, Microsoft Power Platform, Intelligent Recommendations

Benefits of Partnering with Us for Your Microsoft Needs


Access to our premier support relationship with Microsoft and dedicated Level III and Level IV Microsoft-focused engineers. You will gain resources, documented SLAs, and escalation capabilities.


Ability to optimize licensing on a monthly basis without being tied into a long-term agreement through our Cloud Solution Provider Program.


Access to programs and funding only available through Microsoft Solutions Partner Modern Work.


Successful deployment by certified technical resources and access to direct Microsoft solution support.

Awards & Community Involvement

Chance Weaver

New Charter clients, who are moving to the cloud enjoy the benefits of our solutions partnership with Microsoft. That means the best support and ample co-op funds to pay for some of the expenses associated with your move to the cloud.

Chance Weaver
Partner, New Charter Technologies, LLC

How we secure Azure and Office 365

A focus on configuration, the most common attack vector is not because of lack of security tools, but poor configuration. Ensuring that active directory is correctly configured, security hardware (Firewalls, Routers, Network Surveillance appliances, VLANs, etc...) and software (SIEM, IPS, IDS, EDR, Etc...) are correctly configured, etc..., these are the things that other MSSPs and security vendors overlook because they are time consuming and require significant expertise.

Scott Putnam
Founder & CISO, New Charter Technologies.

If you’re interested in migrating to Microsoft or want an assessment to review your technology infrastructure and strategy, contact our experts today!

By partnering with New Charter, you’re going to move beyond day-to-day IT challenges and transform your business in ways that allow you to scale and achieve results. Microsoft is the future and we’re here to help you discover and implement a comprehensive and digital IT strategy for long-term success.