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Equity Partnerships That Preserve Your Company’s Identity

Unlike any traditional private equity model, New Charter provides a true equity partnership for the managed services market that preserves your company’s culture and accelerates your entrepreneurial journey. Hear from our Partners now.


How Our Unique Model Works

Run the business you’ve built while receiving investment and support that will help you grow.

We help qualified MSPs monetize what they’ve built, prioritize people, and protect their legacy. With New Charter, these founders run their own companies while also participating in an organization’s leadership team well on its way to being a dominant player in the industry.

Our value proposition is two-fold. The first is financial, and the second is operational.

While we use investment money to grow our businesses, we will all ultimately exit together as a much larger business and at a much higher multiple. Secondly, we have best-in-class companies sharing best practices to improve and evolve their organizations more quickly. If an MSP is a right fit for us, they won’t find a better fit for them.

We believe in partnerships and people, not products.

Our commitment to sharing best practices helps all MSPs grow into a high caliber of business. We help MSPs build strong legacies, and when companies join the New Charter family, we’re committed to helping preserve them.

The Oval Partners and New Charter Technologies business model is focused on building a caliber of business that the IT industry hasn’t yet seen. Download the whitepaper to learn more about the platform’s structure and growth strategy


Thoughts From Our Partners

Our Investors

Proven Experience

Oval Partners is a streamlined team of senior investors and operators with proven experience leading platform-building efforts across multiple industries. Oval Partners offers the operational capabilities and capital of a private equity firm, but the long-term mentality, partner orientation, and time frame of a private holding company.

Build Platforms

The Oval team of entrepreneurs partner with management to scale businesses through prudent investment and operational expertise. Together they build valuable platforms that stand apart strategically and financially from many of the smaller players in our industries

Successful Record

The Oval Partners team has a successful track record of growing businesses from $20 million of revenue to $500 million and beyond.


Hear from our investment partners and leadership team in the video below.


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Press Release

There is a reason why Fortune 100 companies rely on us to manage their full technology lifecycle and execute their business vision 24*7.


Get paid for introducing us to MSP owners

Introduce us to MSP owners and get paid when your referral joins the New Charter Technologies Equity Partnership!