For the managed services market, New Charter Technologies is the ideal investment opportunity, unlike any traditional PE model, because we provide a partnership that preserves the soul of your company and accelerates your entrepreneurial journey.

The 5 Pillars of the Equity Partnership

The Oval Partners and New Charter Technologies business model is focused on building a caliber of business that the IT industry hasn’t yet seen. The strategy is revolutionary and changing the standard in which the industry operates.

The platform partners with business owners who are not sellers but rather looking for an opportunity to continue what they’re doing and having a financial partner for further investment.

The owners are the Leadership team and are collaborating and strategizing in a way that has never been seen in the industry.

A team of business owners to partner with for the sharing of new ideas and industry best practices to accelerate their business forward.

The foundation of the model is centered around the idea that the Managed IT industry is a “people-business” requiring a local touch and should not be consolidated in order to build upon success and reach new growth and service delivery levels.

The partners who make up the New Charter banner are high growth and high margin businesses who share a common set of cultural and business objectives.

We are focused on building a caliber of business that the IT industry hasn’t yet seen. At New Charter, we seek growth oriented MSPs, with engaged owners that want to run their business while helping create a business the industry has not yet seen. We seek companies with $5M to $20M in Revenue, 50%+ recurring, EBITDA @ 15%+ or a clear path to get there.

CEO, New Charter Technologies, LLC

Our Approach

Our business model is revolutionary and changing the standard in which the IT industry operates. We partner with business owners who are not sellers but rather looking for an opportunity to continue what they’re doing with a financial partner for further investment, and a team to join in leading the industry through the next round.

Ownership Model

The structure allows Partners the unique opportunity to take cash off the table and reinvest up to 30% of the transaction proceeds into the New Charter Holding Company in the same class of stock owned by Oval Partners. The benefits of leverage, synergies, and selling at a higher rate are fully shared with the business owner. This results in higher returns than any individual business could achieve on its own. This unlocks the potential to scale business to the next level through prudent growth strategies and operational investments. Autonomy and culture are maintained while executive leadership and resources are provided to bring businesses to the next level.

Operating Model

The partners are best-in-class managed service providers that make up the Leadership team that actively develops and executes the strategy. Our supportive culture and decentralized, coordinated structure bring scale benefits, financial depth, shared knowledge/resources, and accelerated growth. This is achieved while maintaining autonomy, culture, leadership, financial upside, and other benefits of running your own business.

Partner Ecosystem

At New Charter, we’re building a Dream Team of Managed Service Providers that are high growth and high margin businesses. Our unique business model is centered around building a top-level alliance with strategic partners that are not sellers, but rather looking for a long-term strategic partnership. We share a comprehensive, all-inclusive relationship and our holistic developmental approach is providing unmatched value to our clients.

Both New Charter Technologies and the partners share a common set of cultural values and business objectives. Each addition to the New Charter banner complements and strengthens the group as a whole. In return, the Partner Ecosystem offers mutual growth opportunities, joint value, executive commitment, and thought leadership around technology innovation.

PE Firms in our space have a reputation of screwing things up! They often force companies into an unfamiliar service delivery model, causing the owner to leave, then the employees leave, and ultimately the clients leave. New Charter is the only platform where ALL the founders stay.

Brent WhitfieldFounding Partner, New Charter Technologies, LLC

A team of ’Go-givers' surrounds us. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, everyone at PennComp is glad to be a part of the greater New Charter team.

Scott YoungFounding Partner, New Charter Technologies, LLC

I really see that the investment in New Charter is going to be the best investment that I could have. It was a wise decision, and I am very, very happy with it! Your business is always growing but, New Charter is probably growing faster.

Scott PutnamFounding Partner, New Charter Technologies, LLC


A Groundbreaking Equity Partnership Opportunity for Business Owners

New Charter Technologies
Partner Growth

Annual Revenue Run Rate
Recurring Sales Annually

Our interaction with the Oval Partners and New Charter has been AWESOME! We couldn't be more blessed having all of this come together in one opportunity.

Steve LoyerPartner, New Charter Technologies, LLC

We immediately recognized the New Charter operating model as uniquely supportive of the balance between people and fiscal performance. They recognize that our ability to focus on our clients and employees is what truly drives financial performance and they increase the breadth of capabilities we have to offer our team and market.

Jesse Armstrong & Peter MelbyPartner, New Charter Technologies, LLC

Our Investors

Proven Experience

Oval Partners is a streamlined team of senior investors and operators with proven experience leading platform-building efforts across multiple industries.Oval Partners offers the operational capabilities and capital of a private equity firm, but the long-term mentality, partner orientation, and time frame of a private holding company.

Build Platforms

The Oval team of entrepreneurs partner with management to scale businesses through prudent investment and operational expertise. Together they build valuable platforms that stand apart strategically and financially from many of the smaller players in our industries.

Successful Record

The Oval Partners team has a successful track record of growing businesses from $20 million of revenue to $500 million and beyond.

Growth Since 2020

New Charter Technologies Partner Business Growth By Numbers

New Charter Technologies is the first name that pops into mind when people think of IT support for small business anywhere in the US and with good reason. We are the IT Support Specialists of choice for Small & Medium size businesses and have maintained thriving relationships with 1150+ clients over 28+ years of our existence.

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Press Release

There is a reason why Fortune 100 companies rely on us to manage their full technology lifecycle and execute their business vision 24*7.


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