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Cracking the Code: Unlock the Next Level of New Charter

New Charter Technologies Hosts Third Annual Kick-Off Event With Key Partners

(Denver, CO) March 10, 2023 – New Charter Technologies, a portfolio company of Palo Alto-based private equity firm Oval Partners, hosted its third annual Kick-Off event on February 21-22. The event, held at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ, was an opportunity to collaborate on best practices and strategic initiatives, and to plan for the year ahead and beyond.

The event, under the banner ‘Cracking the Code: Unlock the Next Level of New Charter’, brought together Operating Company teams, prominent vendor partners, and investment partners, all in the spirit of beginning or continuing the entrepreneurial journey. Partners collaborated and engaged in conversations surrounding selling centralized services, sharing resources, transforming organizations digitally, and deploying advanced cybersecurity.

Mitch Morgan, CEO of New Charter Technologies, began the conference by sharing his vision and overarching goal for company: to build “a caliber of business that the IT industry hasn’t yet seen” and to be “better tomorrow than yesterday.”

“Operational maturity and strategic advancement is what we’re after, and we want our businesses to be refined, efficient and forward-looking. This event really brought these core themes to life,” said Morgan. “These are designed to bring together partners and peers in an environment where they can learn from each other, and gain a deeper understanding of best-in-class approaches to their businesses. This year’s event did exactly that, and was filled with copious amounts of collaboration and networking that points to future growth.”

The kick-off also focused on harnessing successes across the platform of New Charter’s existing Operating Companies, and homing in on how to help clients (both current and future) align technology to business goals and create effective partnerships.


As part of the event, New Charter announced several new initiatives and updates:

  • New Charter’s Digital Transformation Framework
    • Our clients ask us to lead their digital transformation journey through deployment of a standardized methodology. This framework allows us to partner with clients and align their technology with their business goals.
  • The implementation of the New Charter Maturity Model
    • Inspired by industry maturity models, this is meant to assist New Charter Operating Companies in defining internal alignment strategies. Our companies are best in class – the maturity model allows us to define what “good” looks like and [raise the tide for all boats].
  • Security Essentials Platform
    • This is an integrated platform of best-in-class offerings that enables a truly customized and differentiated approach to keeping clients secure. New Charter’s initial group of strategic vendors, Stellar Cyber, ThreatLocker and SentinelOne are participating in strategic ways to customize these offerings.

Keynote Speaker

International speaker and thought leader Scott Klososky hosted a keynote, highlighting the powerful influence MSPs have in applying transformative technologies to assist clients in moving their businesses forward, and how to flourish through evolution.

Klososky, who specializes in helping leaders gain insight into technology’s impact on the industry and humanity, shared his vision for the future and how it relates to cybersecurity, digital transformation, and New Charter’s ability to unlock unparalleled achievements in the industry.

“Technology is going to have a wonderful impact on humanity,” said Klososky. “The digital transformation isn’t about just installing more technology, it is changing the integration of humans and technology in ways we never have before. New Charter is uniquely positioned to succeed in this realm.”

Providers are, and will continue to be the ones managing digital risk, Klososky continued.

“That means that there’s also a lot of pressure on them to be good at what they do because people are becoming more and more dependent on them. So, New Charter and all MSPs have got to be good at offense and defense for their customers.”

Here are the five pillars that make up the foundation of New Charter:

  • The platform partners with business owners who are not sellers but rather looking for an opportunity to continue what they’re doing and having a financial partner for further investment.
  • A team of business owners to partner with for the sharing of new ideas and industry best practices to accelerate their business forward.
  • The foundation of the model is centered around the idea that the Managed IT industry is a “people-business” requiring a local touch and should not be consolidated in order to build upon success and reach new growth and service delivery levels.
  • The partners who make up the New Charter banner are high growth and high margin businesses who share a common set of cultural and business objectives.
  • The owners are the Leadership team and are collaborating and strategizing in a way that has never been seen in the industry.


New Charter Technologies is building a caliber of business the IT industry hasn’t yet seen. Serving small-to-medium sized businesses in 10+ industries across North America, we deliver best-in-class technology solutions to propel our clients into the digital world. Learn more here:


Oval Partners is a multi-family office investment firm designed to provide liquidity, growth, capital and acquisition funding to founders of growing businesses across North America. Oval’s capital base is permanent—it is committed, unencumbered and unconstrained in terms of holding period. Oval offers the capabilities and capital of a private equity fund, but the mentality, partner orientation and investment time frame of a private holding company. Oval’s principals have completed more than 100 transactions involving platform investments, acquisitions, exits, and re-financings. Oval focuses on making investments in the tech-enabled services, information services, internet, software/SAAS, and industrial technology markets. New Charter embodies the essence of Oval’s targeted “buy and build” strategy in attractive, service-oriented, niche end markets. For additional information, please visit or contact Dan Escovitz at [email protected].