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From fundraising to partnerships to communication management, New Charter Technologies provide a scalable and supported IT infrastructure critical to advancing work.

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Your mission doesn’t have time to assess its IT infrastructure. In an industry that is driven by people connecting, technology is playing an increasingly larger role in how nonprofit organizations operate.

You need a technology partner that can align to your vision and provide you with cost-effective solutions that ensure data security, accessibility, and support. That’s where we can help.

Highly-Responsive Communication and Collaboration

IT Support Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Our team of industry expert vCIOs will strategically align your technology with your non-profit’s objectives to ensure longevity and continuity. Your IT infrastructure will be completely overseen to ensure all components are running optimally and effectively.

We offer hosted email, PDA synchronization, and remote connectivity to ensure your team is always in-touch.

Budget Process & Management

Our team is specialized in building an IT infrastructure that allows your team to easily manage your budgeting process, including grants, fundraising, and donations, in one easy system.

Vendor Management

We will facilitate vendor relations to ensure technologies are working cohesively together and providing you with the most value and cost-effective setup.

CRM Integrations

Whether you’re using Salesforce, DonorPerfect, Raiser’s Edge, or another system, we’re equipped to tactically and strategically integrate your platforms into one seamless experience.

Data Security and Privacy

We will institute comprehensive security services to safeguard your data against all cyber-attacks. Through data restriction, controls, active monitoring, and conducting regular risk assessments, your environment will be secure and monitored 24/7/365.

Cloud planning and migration

You need to be confident that your data is secure. We will support this initiative by seamlessly relocating all organization data, applications, and workloads to the cloud infrastructure.

Business continuity, backup and disaster planning

IT preparedness is what we specialize in. We will ensure your infrastructure is developed to support all situations. Local and offsite data backup centers, disaster planning and recovery strategy, and full on-site evaluation will limit downtime and loss.

IT Performance Monitoring

We believe in proactive IT. Get visibility into your network, appliciations, and infrastructure performance 24/7/365 so there’s no surprise downtime.

Are you ready to boost your mission?

Download our latest whitepaper, “Non-Profit Digital Transformation: How to Use Technology to Stay Agile and Achieve Your Mission”

What’s inside:

  • Strategies on how to get more out of your current technology
  • The best way to evaluate your organizational goals
  • 3 questions to ask before starting digital transformation
  • How digital transformation can help your non-profit achieve more


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