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Join the New Charter Scout Network

Get paid for introducing us to MSP owners that join the New Charter partnership.

New Charter Scouts are important members of our industry ecosystem that help New Charter build the most partnership-oriented MSP platform in the business. New Charter Scouts introduce us to MSP owners we don’t know, and if an MSP owner joins the New Charter Equity Partnership, we pay Scouts a referral fee when the deal closes.


Businesses that fit best are:

  • Well-run managed IT and managed security companies led by motivated owners who want to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey by joining a larger platform, all while keeping their company name, team, and culture intact.
  • $5 million or more in revenue with a track record of growth and profitability. (Note: we’re still happy to talk, even if one or more of these qualifications isn’t met today!)

How it works:

Send us your contact details and the MSP’s information, below.

Our team will review the information, including potentially requesting a quick call with you to discuss.

After our review, we will provide you with quick feedback, including whether we would seek an introduction to the MSP.

If the MSP seems to be a fit for New Charter and we don’t already know them, we will sign a Referral Fee Agreement with you and ask you to make a formal introduction.

If the MSP joins the New Charter Equity Partnership after your introduction, you will be paid $25,000 to $75,000 when the deal closes, depending on the size of the MSP.

Join the New Charter Scout Network

We welcome multiple submissions



Groundbreaking Equity Partnership Opportunity for Business Owners

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Terms and Conditions:

By submitting a referral, you understand New Charter may not seek an introduction to the MSP due to New Charter’s prior contact with the company or other business reasons. In that case, no Referral Fee Agreement will be signed and no referral fee will be due.

To qualify for a referral fee payment, you must introduce New Charter directly to the majority shareholder(s) of the business at New Charter’s direction, and the majority shareholder(s) must then engage in diligence and join the New Charter Equity Partnership within the time specified in the Referral Fee Agreement.