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IT preparedness is what we specialize in. We will ensure your infrastructure is developed to support all situations. Local and offsite data backup centers, disaster planning and recovery strategy, and full on-site evaluation will limit downtime and loss.

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When it comes to small and midsize business operations, there is no “one-size fits all” approach. IT infrastructure should be no different. As the digital world continues to advance, it’s critical for small and medium businesses to have a technology plan that aligns and grows with your operational and strategic initiatives.

Don't Let Your IT Become A Bottleneck

IT Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

You and your clients don’t have time for an IT bottleneck. You need a technology partner that can provide you solutions for data accessibility, security, regulatory compliance, and support. That’s where we can help.

We comprehend the difficulties and issues numerous private companies face to maintain the business easily and ideally. You are an entrepreneur or the “IT staff” in your organization.

You would prefer to zero in on the center of your business. New Charter Technologies can provide you with scalable and reliable IT solutions that scale with the development of your business.

Funding Cycle Management

As you grow, you need your technology to grow alongside you. When it comes to funding management, we will create a technology program that allows you to easily track and manage movement, while ensuring data is securely stored.

Employee Management

We understand it’s challenging to track, monitor and manage your staff. We will build you an employee management IT program that will not only provide solutions to those challenges but will create processes for a streamlined and efficient onboarding and offboarding flow.

Data Security and Privacy

We will institute comprehensive security services to safeguard your data, as well as your client data, against threats such as viruses, malware, data theft, and other malicious attacks. Through data restriction, controls, active monitoring, and conducting regular risk assessments, your environment will be secure and monitored 24/7/365.

Cloud planning and migration

You need to be confident that your data is secure. We will support this initiative by seamlessly relocating all organization data, applications, and workloads to the cloud infrastructure.

Strategic vCIO Services

Our team of industry expert vCIOs will strategically align your technology with your business objectives to ensure business continuity. Your IT infrastructure will be completely overseen to ensure all components are running optimally and effectively.

IT Performance Monitoring

We believe in proactive IT. Get visibility into your network, appliciations, and infrastructure performance 24/7/365 so there’s no surprise downtime.

Administration Support

Whether it’s staffing operations, account management, client support, or order placement, we will be the point of contact for your organization. By building the framework of your IT structure, we always have a deep understanding of your business, leading to an efficient support strategy.


We will strategically integrate your various platforms to allow your data and processes to run at full capacity – while meeting any industry-related compliance requirements.

Communication and Connectivity

We will implement a technology program that enables highly-responsive communication and collaboration across stakeholders to increase productivity. We offer hosted email, PDA synchronization, and remote connectivity to ensure your team is always in-touch.


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