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Businesses today are shifting towards completely IT-enabled operational processes to substantially increase productivity, service levels, efficiency, and revenues. IT support services represent the gamut of information technology and services that your business requires to manage, maintain, and upgrade its operations while leveraging IT.

Any business will run better with smarter IT. But before outsourcing your business’s IT requirements to a managed service provider (MSP), know the types of IT support services you can expect from a leading managed IT services provider and, more importantly, which support services your business needs to run better, smarter, and leaner.

What is an IT Support Service?

An IT support service is where your business’s IT requirements are taken care of, requiring minimal deliberation and touchpoints from you. Any business using computers and the internet will require IT support although your business, just as many others, is using a much larger range of IT products and services already.


IT support services are cost-effective solutions against in-house IT departments. Save on sunk costs and commercial real estate!


A managed IT services provider maintains highly expertized teams with specific skillsets. Gain access to better expertise to boost your business’s IT.

Managed services

Managed services are where your business’s IT requirements are met as per SLAs without requiring daily monitoring or management from you. Concentrate on your business instead!

Types of IT Support Services Your Business May Need

IT has a constantly expanding spectrum of technology services, including internet, networking, hardware, software, telecommunications, etc. Your business operations are already reliant on almost all these IT fundamentals. But when you consider the software, hardware, Wi-Fi, devices, and security your business needs on a per-minute basis, opting for support services becomes an obvious necessity.

Check out the type of IT support services you can expect from a leading managed IT services provider.

Hardware & Software

Hardware & software form the core of business operations, other than network infrastructure. IT support services specific to these two are crucial to reduce downtime in case of issues or bottlenecks.


Hardware support includes maintenance, monitoring, auditing, and optimizing hardware that your business uses, which may even extend beyond workstations to other hardware such as printers, servers, etc. Hardware issues can cause businesses substantial downtime so your MSP must provide routine proactive monitoring to fix or replace hardware before it affects your business operations.


Software support is a core IT support deliverable. Leading MSPs provide dedicated support dashboards, remote support integrations, and round-the-clock access to IT experts to resolve software-related issues that can cause substantial loss of productivity or even security lapses.

Network Infrastructure

Internet connectivity has evolved into a range of combined IT services termed as network infrastructure, the essential IT backbone for almost all modern businesses. This is the underlying foundation on which your business operates, including internet connectivity, communications, related devices, and applications. Network infrastructure support thus includes multiple services such as networking hardware support, software and application support, managed Wi-Fi services, and more.

information technology

Data Backup Services

Data is the most valuable IT asset of any business. With the amount of data created and utilized by even small businesses, backing up the data systematically and securely while keeping it retrievable and accessible requires specific resources and support. Data backup services can help your business safely manage all its data without worry.

Mobile Device Management

Data security should be a top concern for any business considering the number of devices and users involved in routine business operations. Mobile device management helps businesses monitor, manage, and secure data without hampering data accessibility and utility. Leading MSPs dedicate specific resources to help businesses implement security and device management protocols to ensure data privacy and safeguard against breaches. If your business operations depend on multi-device data accessibility, you need mobile device management services.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is rapidly changing how we use data. Leveraging cloud-based software or platforms for your business can help you do more with less. Referring to dedicated cloud services can give you access to build unique cloud apps and platforms to significantly optimize your business operations for more productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.


IT security is cybersecurity, arguably the most important IT support service your business must avail. Securing your data and business operations against unsolicited access and resultant damages, online or offline, should be your top priority. Cybersecurity support services can help you implement on-premise security protocols and online security tech to monitor for potential threats and mitigate them before they cause damages or losses.

Network Security

Network security forms the crux of cybersecurity services, dealing with security threats that can harm your business by compromising its network infrastructure. Network security support includes multiple service levels, from antivirus and firewalls to data encryption and AI monitoring. It is always advised to opt for the highest possible network security service levels that your budget permits.

Understanding the types of IT support services your business needs is easier if you consider both current and future requirements. Refer to a leading MSP for IT support and let them help you out as well!

New Charter Technologies offers premium IT Support

Understanding the types of IT support services your business needs is easier if you consider both current and future requirements. Refer to a leading MSP for IT support and let them help you out as well!

You will need IT expertise, which can be solved by payrolling one or more on-floor IT professionals. However, it’s not like there’s always an on-floor IT issue and bottleneck to resolve. Your business needs IT professionals when the issues happen, and expertise to make reduce them preemptively. Managed IT services with New Charter Technologies can provide what you need just as comprehensively but with certain key benefits, viz.